I want to become a DVDJ

Yes, but first I need to know where I can purchase or download/buy or find high quality music videos (not the crap you find on youtube). I want to be able to mix videos at my upcoming party, but i’m new to the dvdj scene. Anyone have any tips?


what are you looking to do? just play diffrent music videos or actually cut and mix them?

Simply looking to play music videos from my computer to my HDTV that’s connected to my sound system. The neat part here is that i’m able to fade in a new video or whatever. It’s all about fun and adding a new element to the party =)

hum. well ive been a DJ for about 3 years. But as far as that i dont have much experiance in video.

i dont know what kind of music your looking for, but i know you can get some trance/techno/dumb & bass music DVD’s called Mixmasters Collection, But i forgot the name of the production comp that puts um out.

You can also go to some DJ websites and find some stuff there.
Just google Stanton, Numark, Technique, Denon. You can also check Musicans Friends website.

Thanks for the input ND!!!

yeah no prob. good luck with your party

this isnt really related to where to get videos. but if u want a great program that is like serato but for videos… check out virtual dj… its an amazing program

Thanks for the input everyone. After looking it up, the industry has made it difficult for me to get the Music DVDs. They require you to be a professional Video DJ and to provide references of where you work in order to buy the DVDs. They do this to prevent piracy. It’s a pity because I think that there is a market for this stuff.

Yeah. If your trying to get like an actual music video it might be hard. But the Mixmaster Master DVDs (i think Moonshine puts them out, its all trance tho) you can get those at any record store that sells DJ related records and stuff

a cheep way around it might be to just Torrent some videos and then set up a playlist and let it play, or load um in iVideo and make a little movie type of deal.

After looking up the vids on ebay, it seems that I might be able to pull this off yet. They have quality stuff, and at a decent price. Demand might not be high, but it’s the wave of the future.