I want to become a top Dudley


For a while now, I’ve wanted to be a top 100 player with my favorite character, Dudley. However I’m unsure of how to actually get there. Could someone give some tips as to what I must do? I am not a beginner, and I’ve almost got a B. I play Xbox very often, and I’d appreciate if we could link up and play sometimes (just post GT below). Thanks everyone!


Use Balrog.


Work on your hit confirms.


play lots of ranked, if you win 50% of your matches you’ll be A ranked eventually


Have 2K PP, and learn nothing.


Flock to guys with a crapton of points, if you lose, you lose 1 BP, if you win, you get 64.

Low risk/high reward brotha, just like in fighting games.


Stop spamming the same thread all over SRK. Threads like this belong in xbox live matchmaking.