I Want to BUY a Custom Xbox 360 Arcade Stick

Hello, I want to buy an xbox 360 arcade stick. There are a few options I have to get one. Sell me or trade, send me offers, I want this arcade stick right away. Please also reply with places I can buy one from right now or even an adapter that works great for the Xbox 360.

  1. Sell me your custom Xbox 360 arcade stick

  2. I can send you my street fighter arcade stick & wired controller to have it modified
    to work with Xbox 360. Like this link. http://www.gamersreports.com/article/24/

  3. Trade: maybe you want my street fighter arcade stick & wired xbox 360 controller for your already modified street fighter arcade stick

Use the search button.
It’s there for a reason. Everything you’re asking for is in several threads.

Besides, if you’re looking to purchase something, there’s a trading outlet on this forum.



if i had a nickle for every “i want to buy a custom stick for XXX” thread…