I want to buy your busted up Xbox 360's

I’m looking for RROD, disk drive issues, or otherwise non-working xbox 360’s. If you have one you’d like to get rid of please post here and we’ll try to work something out. I would also prefer that the console come with at least the AV cable, power brick, and plug. Controllers would be nice too, but not required.

I will most likely ask for a picture of the console just to confirm that you didn’t take a hammer or power equipment to the case. Also, if alot of people end up trying to sell me xboxes at once I will have to kind of buy them one at a time as I’m on a pretty limited income at the moment.

New Edit: Due to the cost of repair, I will not be able to purchase your e74 consoles any longer. It costs just about the price of the console to fix this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for checking out the thread and hopefully I’ll hear from you.

I have quite a few busted 360’s


7 - RROD

2 - No Video

5 - E74 errors

Most are pre-hdmi, some are hdmi. I have all cables and power, but no controllers.

I’m not getting rid of all of them. maybe just a few if the offer is right. Will not get rid of the black one. How many were you wanting? What are you offering? And do you have trades? Always looking for sticks and parts.

let me know.

Holy shit. Sending PM right about now.

I have one that powers on but won’t read a disc due to a TV being dropped on it. Something was most likely knocked out of alignment. Includes everything except a controller.

Hit me back. I have one with the AV cable and Power brick. Let me know.

I have one that works for like 2 minutes, then the fan gets louder and louder and it just shuts down. It gets two red rings. PM me if interested.


Lol, I think I’m going to have to pass that one up.

What is it doing? E74, 3 lights, 2 lights?

I played you on ranked a few days ago, I think you won. I’m going to have to put a hold on buying consoles for a undetermined amount of time. I bought too many, and selling them is proving to be challenging.

When I get my units pushed I will contact you all.

I have one that works entirely, other than the fact that it refuses to read any Fable 3 Disc, and almost any other game i own i have to open and close the tray several times before it will read, and it occasionally gives disc errors during start ups of games.

Interestingly enough, its always worked for SSF4.