I want to change the ball top of my Arcade Stick, help?


I have a cheap BLAZE Arcade Stick:

Now I ONLY want to change the ball top, I want to change it to this:

Is it possible? How can I do this? Thanks.


open up the stick, unscrew the balltop and screw the new one on?


i think hes not sure cause it the blaze stick probably doesnt have a standard japanese stick inside of it so there is a possibility its a cheap stick that the top has different screw size as the one he bought.

i have no idea, never had a blaze stick, but if it can be done its as simple as opening it up, and then using a screwdriver or wrench to keep the shaft for moving while you unscrew the balltop off


If I open it up, are there any risks? I’ve never done this stuff lol


risks of what…?


Well, I’d be careful when opening it that you don’t pull out a wire, usually these things have poor solder jobs.


Or just get pliers? Use a cloth if you dont want scratch the shaft, just squeeze & unscrew…




just unscrew the ball