I want to do live broadcasts for 3s/Radio Show?

I have gotten a few friends into the game and there is a pretty good local scene as far as the quality of players.

I want to get together and do a sort of broadcast for shit. Video and Audio.

I read that VLC can do this?

How do i go about streaming it? What capture card should i get that can record and stream simultaniously at 60 fps so there is no slowdown when people are watching?

Also how can you do a radio show type deal like alphaism?

:wtf: …:confused:

Why don’t you just ask Bunkei? I’m sure he’d have a good idea of how to go about it.

didn’t think of that

winamp no?

ask the Denjin-video guys
whats probably gonna happen is you’re gonna have to mix the streams
of A.) you recording and B.) the footage of them fighting

i don’t exactly need to have my audio (mic) over my video… but it would be kool.