I want to do something crazy

I want to get a sanwa JLF and remove the restrictor plate so that the motion is circular. Has anyone done this? What would it feel like?

it feels like a 360 circle

Try it out for yourself.

Takes 2 mins to take out/replace the gate.

Well let me explain further. I grew up with happ or probably IL eurostick.

I prefer that feel. But reading this board I’m afraid to get an IL eurostick because Sanwa might be superior and if I’m spending 200 bucks on a custom joystick I want the best. But I don’t think I know the feel of a japanese stick and I definitely don’t want a square gate. If I put a bat top on a sanwa, and remove the restrictor, would that be the best of both worlds so to speak?

I played on a korean street fighter IV machine with a short bat top. Is that a sanwa? It didn’t click at all, so it isn’t right?

korean sf4 cab? vid94?

korean sticks do have short bat tops, but they also do click when you move em around. maybe it was loud and you just couldnt hear the clicks, but if its a korean stick they should be there.

as for sanwa with a circular motion, youll have to get the jlw model or something or get a jlf and modify the gate yourself (probably takes some delicate sanding and testing to make sure you get the gate hole perfectly circular and smooth)

when/if you get your expensive custom, be prepared to totally suck with it for a couple, if not more, months. you have to literally train yourself on it. its usually like that for all sticks, just because the quality of the parts are good doesnt mean itll make your execution good. that stuff takes practice.

so with that said, get whatever youd like.

no those were korean sticks that possibly use leaf switches. Sometimes it’s hard to hear the click in the arcades. Theoretically sanwa sticks are better than happ sticks for some games, but it’s really not enough that it should outweigh your personal preferences. The quality on the iL sticks are fine. You shouldn’t take out the gate in your sanwa stick, if anything you should try an octagon gate. But if you’re going to buy a sanwa stick and ignore your personal preference cause you think it’s better or whatever then by that logic you should also use the square gate because it’ll theoretically make you a better player.

If you grew up liking american style sticks then you really have no reason to switch. I personally prefer my sanwa stick because of the looser feel but when I had a happ stick the parts felt very solid.

I’ll be quite honest with you, if you’ve grew up always using a Happ and have never tried a Japanese stick, you’re gonna have a hard time adjusting at first.

The Sanwa feels nothing like a Happs hard, rugged, clickity feel. The Happs you gotta put some force into but the Sanwa; even if you push the joystick in a direction just a little bit, the joystick will move/respond a lot more than a Happ would.

It’s gonna probably feel like you’re playing with a very ‘loose’ feeling stick. But if you stick it out you’ll get used to it.

Thanks for the advice. I think I’m leaning toward IL eurostick.

I did like the stick in the korean street fighter IV unit. I am pretty sure it was Korean, because it had korean text on it. I wouldn’t mind that joystick. On the very off chance someone played it (it’s the unit in UC Davis), could you tell me what kind of stick it is? It felt very responsive but it was also circular. It was a short bat top set on a very small circular platform of sorts.

Not sure, but someone on here named “Paik4Life” is taking orders for Korean sticks.

Check this thread: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=169501
(Paik, you could thank me for the reference later ;P)

Oh awesome. That green joystick is the one on our machine. It has a little platform at the base.

I really don’t think it’s going to work without restrictor not least of all since it’s needed to keep the whole thing together: the microswitch PCB would fall off without it.
The best way to have a round restrictor is to mod the 2-way restrictor. Not difficult for someone with good plastic working skills.

you can also check in with Laugh, he’ll help you identify the stick for sure and probably has the parts on hand to sell you.