I want to fight your Remy



I am trying to improve my main character Remy. I watch jap vids and pick up some tactics and I prac some (but need to way more). I would like to fight your Remy (anyone) so I can get better with mine. Offer me advice perhaps? Note though that I’m in Austrlia so we cant go all parry happy unfortunately and I guess that means no LOV machine gun either…

I made this thread as well becuase very few seem to play remy (on XBL)…


i think you just gotta get with the local tourny players there. you got that ozhadou organization thing there right? just get with a bunch of players and stick with remy. fighting another remy wont do anything for your game really… all it does is let you copy off what the other player does. what that other player does they learned from playing not other remy’s but ken’s chun’s yun’s and other folk.

if you seriously wanna get good with remy its probably better to just play any players and dont worry about losing as long as you never switch characters and keep trying you can become that local remy expert within your community and you’ll learn so much more. its a slow process but its very rewarding when you win or learn something new from a loss.


I will try looking into ozhadou. I have tried looking into SF3 Australia, Perth tournaments or just gatherings on the internet but I have had no luck. Thankyou for the advice as well.