I want to get an iPod, but

Ok, I’ve been wanting to get a DAP for the longest. Sure there are other’s out there that seem better and probably are. I was eyeing the sansE280 for a while, but that has come to pass. Nothing else really seems to compare IMO. It seems like the ipod has taken over in this department. Right now I’m looking to replace the stereo in my car and it seems like all the major companies have jumped on the ipod bandwagon and made their decks intergrate with the thing. That’s also another reason driving me to get one.

So I have a few questions. I’ve read that apple has built in planned obsolescence. Is this true? How long have you had your ipod and it just broke down on you despite you taking good care of it and probably having never dropped or crushed it?

My next question. Say I have an ipod and I have all this music downloaded from itunes. My ipod breaks for some crazy reason and I have to get a new one. Is there some kind of DRM measure that won’t allow me to put the music that I allready purchased from itunes on to my new ipod? I think I heard something about this before, but I can’t remeber. So for all you ipod lovers out there, give me the low down.


For your stereo part you don’t need a stereo that was made for an ipod. As long the stereo has an AUX output or a FM Transmitter that you can hook up to than your good to go. By using these outputs it gives you a headphone jack. Me and my friend been using the AUX output for years now for our ipod way before they made stereos for them!

The ipod don’t breakdown the only problem that they have with the OLD ones was that you need to replace the battery, but than again every electronic devices has this issue.

My ipod got stolen so I bought a new one and hook it up to itunes it was fine.

Yeah, I got my first iPod fixed for like 40 bucks, I mean they do break with lots of use,and they make new ones all the damn time so you are always gonna worry about whether you should wait. But honestly, I love my iPod and its lasted me a good while. With iTunes, you don’t have to use DRM music, and you can even get music without DRM from the iTunes store. Steve Jobs wrote a huge commentary on ending DRM in songs. So yeah, if it is on your iTunes, you can sync any compatable MP3 player to it.

I have a tiny Rio SD Card music player I let my daughter use and a 4th gen iPod, in case you were wondering. I also have a white ipod shuffle that I use the most, but that is a different thing entirely.

Yos, I am getting this stero deck for my car.

Just won it on ebay for $600:bgrin:
It intergrates seemlessly with the ipod, so it would be crazy not to get one you know. I do know what your talking about with other DAP’s and the aux input that any mp3 player can use. I just wanted to get some more info on the ipod from actual users.

So final_cut, how much of the music in itunes would you say had the DRM taken off of it? How much do you have from them so far. Just curious that’s all. Oh, one more thing, can I back up my mp3’s from itunes? Like say I have a boat load of mp3’s downloaded from them and then my computer gets hit by a space shuttle. Is there some way that I could have them burned to say a CD/DVD for safe keeping? Also, could I hook up a friends ipod to my computer and get music from it and put it into my itunes?


iPhone for the win.

For the record, some of the music on iTunes is DRM-free - EMI’s catalog, and it’s more expensive ($1.29). Jobs has been pressuring other labels to follow suit, but no luck yet.

But yeah, if you don’t have a player yet, get an iPhone.

Nah, I don’t need the iphone. It does a whole lot of what I don’t need. I could be on youtube for hours and before I know it, it would be dead. Most importantly, you can’t use it on a plane to surf the net n stuff. I’d be better off just getting an ipod. I would like to wait for the ipod touch to get more storage space, but who knows when that’s going to happen and how much it’s going to cost. I don’t know, I may not get one right away. I’m planning to subscribe to XM radio. I’ll give it a while and hopefully in a year or so, the ipod touch will get some guts. I am kind of anxious right now to get an ipod to go with this deck though.