I want to get better at HDR!

Hey guys/girls,

I want to level up on HDR big time, however I’m finding it hard to find players up for casual matches and also players who can give me advice etc. I read match up, frame data etc on my character but I need someone that is willing to play me and help me along.

I know these forums are great for getting bits and bobs of advice but I’m looking for players up for discussions via IM etc.

I’m not totally new to these game or ST so I do have a very basic understand of the game.

So if anyone is willing then thanks. I play on XBL and sometimes GGPO when my connection isn’t being tough.


I’m not much of a teacher, although I don’t mind playing the same match a thousand times if it’ll help train your reaction, execution and overall game. I’m always up for casuals so if you want to play, you can send me an invite.

My connection with UK players is usually alright, but there are times when it gets a little laggy.

It might help to tell us who you are using. Then maybe you could ask your question in the particular player thread. Just a thought.

Hit me up man, sounds fun. I’m always looking for people with low pings and I don’t always play seriously, so two people trying things out might be good. I don’t know if I can give you A+ advice, but I should be able to tell you what I am punishing you for or what I see you are doing wrong, if in fact I do beat you lol. I main Ken, but I can play a few others decently. I usually don’t get to try things out against friends because we are hardly online at the same time, so we usually play to win. Although I do have a PS3, I only play on Xbox though.

What Poison said, it would be cool if you could fill us in on who you use and what matchups are problems for you.

Hey guys thanks, I will add you on XBL asap. Oh an I’m playing Claw.


Get to reading.

Thanks for the add. This should be mutually beneficial 'cause my Claw strategy is not effective.