I want to get better but

I really do not know where to start. I have been playing fighting games for a while heck, yet this is the first time I have really gone to a community that is centered around this kind of stuff. I’m kind of get the number pad stuff like 236H but not enough(I don’t even know if this is correct), frame data, match ups,beat other characters, ect. There is just a plethora of things that I want to understand but where do I even begin?

As for fighting games I do play a lot but as of right now I’m currently playing SSFIV Arcade Edition(main depends sometimes it’s Guile or Ibuki may I kind of want to avoid a lot of fireball characters or at least limit them ), Persona 4 Arena( Naoto Shirogane I love anime chicks with blue hair), and darkstalkers1( Gallon) ,3 (Lilith) on my ps3. Other games I play are BB( Ragna,Jin, Noel,not much but Tsubaki), Tekken(Asuka, Fei IIRC been awhile), Soul Series(Sophitia, Pyrrha, Ivy for the creation of Belmont’s if your a fan of the castlevania series you understand why) Kof(Mai,Yuri,and Athena really help me when I went to a place called family fun arcade before it closed down).

I work hard to win and I really try to absorb info given to me also I do like to meet new folks so I kind of want to get on the competitive(and have fun too no need to be serious all the time right :slight_smile: ) side of things that what arcades were for and they have been vanishing and now I can’t meet people or fight my friends at an arcade cabinet which really sucks.

Hi, welcome to SRK!

1.) Find a local scene. I don’t know where you live, but there are Regional Matchmaking threads for almost every major city. If you like P4A, check out the regional threads on Dustloop as well.

2.) Try focusing on just a couple of games, and try sticking to only one character in each of those games.

3.) Check out the character forums for the characters you want to play (or might be interested in playing). For SF4 that would be here, for P4A again that’s Dustloop. Usually you’ll be able to find some general beginner guides geared towards getting you up to speed on what a character’s gameplan is.

4.) Learn your normals intimately, then blockstrings, then simple combos off of your most common confirms. These are the only things you really need before fighting other people and learning in a meaningful way. Get match experience, start adding more difficult combos and setups to your arsenal slowly over time, and make sure to always ask or practice in training mode if you find yourself repeatedly having trouble with a specific situation.

5.) Watch videos! You can usually find links to high-level matches in your character forums. Pretend you’re the top player and make decisions while watching, and pay attention to what he’s doing differently than you. If you don’t understand why a player is making a certain choice, ask in the forums. Once you understand, you can apply it to your own gameplay.

Good luck!

  1. I’m a California boy :slight_smile:
  2. Agree but I try to main one girl and one guy. sfiv,pa4 and ds maybe sfxt that’s all.
    3.Dustloop not the first time someone recommended me to this IIRC he said Naoto was hmm a “zoning” character.
    4.yeah. What about frames what is the point in this. Match experience yes I did play a lot of bb online and scV but the moment you stop it’s over.
  3. Yes
  4. Thank you very much Celerity :slight_smile: I do want to become a good member here but it will take sometime.

If I get good enough maybe I challenge some folks here.

I feel like Rocky been in the game but not in the “Game” . Been playing fighting games since I was like seven.

You’re lucky, California is a huge hub for fighting games, both in SoCal and NorCal. Check out the threads.

Naoto is kind of a hybrid character. Her zoning (ability to control many areas of the screen, usually a character is called a “zoner” if they like to stay far away and throw projectiles) is average, her pressure is fairly weak, but she has the highest damage combos in the game plus an instant kill system with Hamaon/Mudoon, so she can make big comebacks. Similar to her character in the RPG. You’ll definitely have to work hard to win with her.

As far as learning frames, they just tell you how fast your moves come out and how long you have to wait before you can do another move. It’s important to know how fast your normals are, and whether or not you can punish/be punished. Like if you block something which you know is -6F on block, your opponent will be stuck in recovery and you can punish it with any move 6F or faster. If his move is + on block, you might want to avoid mashing, because he’s got the opportunity to act before you do. It’s not necessary to study every character, but at least knowing your own frame data can be helpful.