I want to get into TvC:UA competitively. I live in Queens, what do I do?

I read the thread made by Canti, and there are a lot of places to play SFIV in NYC, but I’m looking to play Tatsunoko vs Capcom. (When SSFIV comes out, I’m jumping into that too though.) I live in Queens, Jamaica, and I don’t have a car. (Subway/bus is no problem though.)

There doesn’t seem to be many TvC:UA machines from what I’ve heard, so where would I go to play regularly?


There was no arcade release for the NTSC-U version of TvC. So you will have to resort to online play or look for players interested in your area.

The latter can be done by searching for the thread relevant to your location in the matchmaking forums at the bottom of the main forum navigation.

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I thought there were arcade machines of TvC:UA, RoyalFlush has a buncha videos of it being played in an arcade, unless I’m crazy.

you’re crazy.