I want to get some noise canceling ear phones

So yeah, i wanted to get some, but I’m also a cheap bastard with a semi-low paying job. So I was wondering if the ones on ebay for 10-20 bucks are any good?

in my experience, NO you get what you pay for. And it also depends on how much noise you want canceled and Sound Quality

I got the shure e2c earbuds

Bought em for about $65 and I havn’t regretted it, you can’t hear a damn thing with them on other than the music. Sound quality is top tier for the price

I own some shure headphones cost about $99.

As cheap as you can get for good quality noise cancelling headpiece.

Here is there guide between noise cancellation and Isolation;


I know it’s not cheap but it give you an Idea of the price of what you really are looking for.