I want to learn Charlie

Anyone offer some of the fundamentals of playing Charlie?

a few minor things:

  • well balanced char good in V and A
  • c.FK, great range good poking tool (main poke vs V-Cody)
  • far s.RK (or f+RK in V-ISM) great range, safe on distance, beats out a lot
  • c.FP, best anti air
  • d,u+ any Kick can be airblocked but great in VC’s or to end combos
  • c.RK is a bit slow, however good sweep range
  • JP c. and s. are rapidfire
  • far s.FP (or f+FP in V-ISM) is powerful, good range, but most chars can duck the move through not guy’s like Gief
  • c.SP good in combos, fast, beats out quite some moves
  • his airthrow is great and flipping opponents can often be hit after their attempt
  • j.FK is his cross up and has good range
  • j.RK/FP are both powerful and good jump ins, through never become jump happy
  • Charlie can dash with f,f, great in VC’s or when you want to close in after a far sonic boom on a very defensive minded opponent, just to name an example
  • sonic boom has great recovery, you can walk up after it and can create a lot of pressure tactics around this move, simple example: sonic boom, f+FP/RK with opponent in corner or after j.FP,c.SK,c.JP,sonic boom,f+FK or whatever
  • learn to charge sonic booms out of nearly every situation (in the air, while ducking, in combos, when involving b+FK into poke strings, or insted of the b+FK method while walking back throw out a few s.JP’s etc.)

Search the VC thread for VC’s and watch this nice vid by Xenozip [media=youtube]IpZFuUcFCmA[/media]. Through you may prefer A-ISM … In this case ask for combos and I bet someone will help ya out.

don’t forget f/b+forward kick.

very underrated move. useful in both offense and (sonic boom) defense

remember to use sonic boom to control space between characters…its not very useful agaisnt characters with projectiles but some manage to pull it off.

i play differently with charlie so my advice wont help much

his punch throw does the same damage if teched.

Well that’s good to know. BTW how much damage does a throw do if teched? Half?

I wanna learn Charlie too. I’m preferring X-ism charlie, because of how the knee bazooka is done in it. Are there any specific X-ism charlie strategies?

not really a strategy in itself, but x-charles crushes guard bars like nobody’s business. step kick has to take half of some character’s guard bars.

I personally prefer Aism or Vism charlie. Aism allows the dash that could be helpful, and the blitz is his best chained super.

Vism Charlie is the alternative to the Somersault Justice, I could get a lot more damage than chaining together his SJ - it’s very difficult to do anyway.

I’ve used V-Charlie more than A or X. His Justice super is too hard to do using a DS2 (analog and pad), and X is just, meh. His V combo isn’t so hard, I’ve just been using V3 d,u+LK and repeat (charged with cr.LK of course). I know there’s more to the combo but I’m still n00b with V-Charlie.

That youtube video of V-Nash is the truth.

I do all those VC’s.

I’m a huge V-Nash/V-Cody player so…this vid ment a lot to me. lol.

Bump. Getting back into Alpha series… Charlie was my MAN in A2, still want to use him in A3, but not crazy about his VC. I’m having trouble doing the s.HK x knee bazooka (whiff) x lk flash kick. So… any pointers? Or is it just a matter of practice?

just kinda like forward and short after s.hk, then flash kick, repeat.

i used to have trouble with it too, just dont try to do the knee bazooka “properly” and u should be good.

I have the damndest time getting his VC down; I guess I’ll just practice until I get the hang out of it. It’s just frustrating to be able to do all this other advanced shit in other games, then can’t get a knee bazooka into flash kick to connect… bastards.

What’s going wrong?

edit: btw, the dummy VC for people like me is just roundhouse flash kicks over and over when you get to the corner, in VC3.

I suck at charging. ALOT. I can’t even do Somersault Justice at all. Which I’ve read that I’m supposed to work that into my combos. Anyone has any tips for charging? Cuz All I’ve been doing is using Charlie’s normals,constant throws, jab sonic boom or fierce sonic boom, and jumping fierce,crouching jabx2,roundhouse somersault.

just use v-charlie. only time when a-charlie really shines over v-charlie is against dhalsim.

Okay then. I’ll brush up on my V-ism Charlie. already downloaded the combo vids.

At the beginning I’ve had the exact same problem, too, but it’s really just a matter of practice.

You should beware of the neutral state you NEED to be in when initiating the Knee Bazooka otherwise you’ll end up in:

forward/moving Roundhouse, Knee Bazooka that doesn’t hit, whiffed Flash Kick.

It’s important to do a neutral Roundhouse and THEN a dash/Knee Bazooka. Try to do the dash motion right after you’ve SEEN your successful landed s.Roundhouse. Don’t be too concerned about the Knee Bazooka, you’ve got enough time to do the combo. Charlie is all about patience. Once you’ve got this down, everything else is just routine.

Whats the best way to link into his flash kick super?