I want to Learn how to Photoshop/InDesign


How do I go about it? Should I enroll at some community college for classes? Are YouTube videos enough?

I’m learning more and more every day if I want to be an editor I’m going to need these skills. I know SRK has its share of Adobe Suite users and figured you guys would probably know best on how to learn the software. So please, enlighten me.


Adobe has like 102930838484 tutorials on their website. Start there, and if you need to learn something specific then research it. You can usually find video/forum tutorials.


The first thing you should do is take a design course. Learning Photoshop & inDesign w/o knowing the basic fundamentals of what makes a design good and bad is wasting your time. That’s the biggest mistake a lot of people make. They have the misunderstanding that learning Photoshop is also learning how to be a good designer. Learning Photoshop in reality is like learning how to write, design is learning good penmanship. A good designer can do a lot more with Photoshop, than a Photoshop expert who doesn’t know about design.

Personally, I learned Photoshop on my own - though I’ve been using it and programs like it since I was 13 (I’m 29 now). I say that b/c the Photoshop classes I had to take in college didn’t seem to do a very good job (IMO) in teaching the program. A class is good for the basics, but beyond that, it’s best to just go in hard on your own. Find tutorials online that teach random stuff like how to make an energy ball from DBZ and things like that. Don’t worry about how your finished tutorial product(s) comes out, instead pay more attention to the tools that they tell you to use and how they work.


you should add Illustrator to that list, imo.

edit: awhile back i took 2 classes at a community college. first semester was photoshop, 2nd was illustrator. It really helped, but you can learn this stuff by yourself. (books, internet, tutorials, friends etc.)


what community college teaches adobe products? lol. no one needs to take classes…all this stuff is pretty easy to learn on your own. millions of tutorials video or written online.

why the fuck do you wanna learn indesign? you making a blog?

i took a certification class for graphic design 2 years back…i literally knew everything they taught me when it came to adobe products already. it was kinda annoying that i didnt really learn anything new. your better off just self teaching imo.


It depends if you are a type of person that can understand User Interfaces without having it explained. There are so many tutorials, professional and amatuer, on youtube or the adobe website. The resources are limitless online.

I know that Photoshop and especially Indesign can be tricky if you aren’t letting the programs work for you. They’ve improved so many things that had to be done manually in the prior versions. Essentially what I am trying to say is that taking a class can be beneficial but if the teacher isn’t aware of the newest features and upgrades, you won’t be learning to your fullest potential. I’ve met a bunch of teachers that were stuck in their ways and refused to learn the new techniques that made your Adobe that much easier.


Take a desktop publishing or a design course, regardless of if it’s in Photoshop or not. The design elements are there.
Then go to Adobe’s site and check out their tutorials, as mentioned or another self-learning website like www.lynda.com

It’s going to be hard to learn design without proper instruction to teach you what to look for, mostly because if you look through the internet, there’s a lot of bad designers giving bad advice on design.

I taught myself Photoshop in high school (Version 5.5) and have been using it since. I’ve taught design professors things about it. They’ve taught me proper color theories and how to make things “pop”. They’ve taught me layout. They’ve taught me what to look for in bad design. I knew a few things, but even regular art classes wont teach you what a design class could. They’re different. I studied art in high school, and was planning on going to school for it - but in college, I took design courses instead of “Drawing 1” and such because I knew that shit, and they’re a different world.

Another really helpful tip that actually got me through most of my early PS days…
Image Mishmash on these very forums. I’d post some work up, ask for critiques, ask for what I could add and what I could take away. If they told me to add something that I didn’t know how to do, I went and looked it up, whether in a Photoshop for Dummies book at the library or something. Today, you’d do that on Google.


it was more than just adobe products, in my case. you learned about elements of design, color, print, fonts/scripts and other things that can help build a good portfolio. having your peers and instructor critique your work also help immensely.


you can get critiques from forums as well. but thats a dope cc if they really can flesh out a graphic design program. my community college had no real graphic classes…i took as much as i could then transferred to a state school.


I found a bunch of lynda.com video tutorials that were really good, but yeah anything of the sort should get you started.


Buy a book: Adobe [Photoshop or InDesign] CS Classroom-in-a-Book.

It teaches you most tools in Photoshop/InDesign through small projects. It’s very important to understand the fundamentals. When you are comfortable with the fundamentals, you’ll start realizing all the creative uses for the basic tools and make some really cool stuff.

Also, DO NOT take classes… You are only wasting money. This stuff is really easy to learn on your own. Besides, if you enroll in some college course, it’s likely they’re just going to teach directly out of the books I mentioned above. Seriously.

However, classes that teach actual design will help you with Photoshop/InDesign.


Just click stuff and see what happens, that’s what I did.

You don’t need to pay for any, free tuts are available all over the web. I think even Adobe’s are free.
Photoshop is so versatile I’d just focus on one fieldt, eg if you are into photography or webdesign etc. Plenty of tuts that focus on those areas.