I want to learn the "rush down" style of playing fighting games (any fighting game)

The title says it all. I need to learn how to play more aggressively. What I’m looking for is a discussion on how to develop a more aggressive style of gameplay, how you learned this style, what sort of things are common to this kind of style (regardless of game mechanics), advice for faking people out, how do you develop your mix-up game, and any other advice for rushing people down.

Again, this topic is meant to be discussed in general for any game or character, but if you require some specifics, then I’d like to pick up:

Boxer(Balrog in US)

If you play rush down with characters that are not these, your advice is welcome as well.

Well first off, I would suggest just watching videos of characters that you main/wish to play and them being used in the aggressive play style you want to adopt. Another thing would be looking at the attributes of your character and seeing how they fare in a variety of situations, such a full screen/zoning, oki options, normals (frame data, speed, range), how tournament results may place a character playing defensively or offensively higher. Some characters simply cannot rushdown well or at least not consistently.

I would say being good at rushdown or a offensive player is based on a good plan and not doing it haphazardly. Aggressive and pressuring, but not hotheaded or reckless.

Additionally, people seem to put people who are more aggressive on a pedestal over defensive players. And its true, a lot of turtles may not be fun to watch but both styles are effective. Again, this can be pretty dependent on the game mechanics and the character you play. Personally I like a mixture of both.

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I thought so too (doesn’t really require discussion and we’ve seen it before), but for some reason didn’t want to flame. Dunno why.:china:

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