I want to learn to use ClockWork

I was alright back in the arcade days, now being able to play all the time I want to able to pilot Clockwork, my problem is that I really not sure how to use Sent with Doom, and I really not sure how to play mixup with Doom all that well either. My strider is out but there are times I live holes in my block string, usually the wrong move comes out. So here are my questions I had in mind.


  1. What combos should I be going for?
  2. Is there a block string combo with or with out Doom I should be doing?
  3. Often should I abuse Fly mode?
  4. What teams or characters I shouldn’t be using Fly Mode on?
  5. Methods to practice the Sent wave loop?

1)Best way to practice the Strider/Doom block string?
2) When should I call Sent instead?
3) When Orbs actually hits what should I be doing?


  1. How do I avoid moments where c.lk connects but not the c.HP?
  2. Best combos to mixup rush down and keep away?

Should probably go lurk in the Sent/Doom/Strider boards for character spec.

Ok, imma try to help. I’m not a master with them, but that is one of my main teams (behind low tiers of course lol).

  1. Practice the Block string as much as possible. You will know when you suceeded when your opponent doesn’t leave the block animation. PRACTICE!!!

  2. Doom has a tri-jump. Use it. It is slow, so use the drones to cover. This is his key to his mix-up game.

  3. Sent and doom have a block string. Fly mode kicks and dooms rocks. Lots of chip. Not as much as Stridoom though. Cable and storm will fuck you up, so learn to get out of fly mode quickly.

  4. Protect Strider. It’s not clockwork without strider. Drones alot. Or Dooms rocks.

  5. IMO, sent is on the team to build meter for strider. so don’t use meter with him. only HSF dhc’ed into the Orbs. IMO at least. Do what you do best.

In closing practice with this team. And don’t get discouraged. Good things will happen. Good luck.

I avoid playing clockwork even though I like all three toons… but after years of playing against it… i can offer…

just practce engaging orbs, calling your doom assist and then teleport behind them… once you’ve got the timing for this down and can do it safely you’ve got 3/4 of the battle done and can beat many teams through shear chip dmg. It’s way easier than it should be.

Other than that master sent… in cases where your low stamina strider gets iced quickly… we all know sent can come in and even the score quickly… or… since you are starting him… just keep him in and create a decent lead + some bars… and strider can take over and just chip dmg it the rest of the way out.

If you love chipping people down with doom rocks… then stider doom is all kinds of for you. If quick and slick strider combos are your thing and your playing clockwork w/out much love for sent or doom… not a good team for you. Those clockwork highlight combo reals are the rarity… engage orbs… call rocks… teleport behind… short block string… repeat… is more the norm. Combo’s with clockwork are just sorta bonus, and/or taking advantage of opps mistakes (and they DO make a decent amount trying to keep outta the chip dmg lockdown.)

“3) When Orbs actually hits what should I be doing?”

Depends… On grounded opp do the norm of mash punch and finish with launch as the orb timer runs out… if you catch someone in the air with orbs… you can jump up, j.lp orb, j.lp orb, j.fp, j.fk, falling.lp orb xx d,df,f + lk, repeat from start… then as the series ends… launch to aircombo… can net like 75ish dmg if you get it all out and follow the launch with striders best air bnb… (thats w/out any type of corner follow up situation.)

^This stuff is what I do using strider with strider teams I use. A stridoom player might pass by chances to extend combos or add hits/dmg if it helps ensure their lockdown.

Been playing on PSN like two nights straight (Orestes1214, if anyone wanna add me). So I have trouble with stomping fly/unfly but I just need to work on that. I have trouble with a lot of different characters, BH, Cammy, Mag,Cable and Storm. Aside from backing up I really not sure what to do, it just seems they either get me in a combo when I attack, or when I block they just chip me to death.

Most online players are terrible. They don’t know it… but they are… they watch vids and then emulate as best they can… which is usually really bad.

BH - I’ve fought 1… count them 1 good BH online… blackheartking… the rest just emulate his vids (poorly.) Pushblock infero then n.jump fwd. Then own his face off… poor to average BH’s will not know what to do. If he is jumping almost thoughtlessly (often they do) sj. up while on the other side of the screen… and try to beat him out… you will most of the time…

Mags - just learn to block… EVERYONE who plays mag online seems to think they are good with him. They are not. Just learn to block high to low really fast and they will suck nuts. Good mags+psi and I’d be saying I dunno what to tell ya… but most online mags… meh… block…

Cable - Fucking bastard ass character. You don’t even need to be good to wait for a vulnerable assist and do AHVB… so my advice is just play carefully and move creatively… also… if you can learn to win without using any assists at all… yer in good shape. If he’s bringing mando with him… find safe/creative ways to kill off mando or bait him out… ect…

Storm - hailstorm… she wants it bad. she will do typhoon xx hailstorm… she will… super jump and block… call and assist that you know will recover in time… anything to bait it out… make her waste her meters… and then waste time building more… unless she has a solid lead… she’ll have to come to you eventually b/c you wont call assists while she has meter… and hail doesn’t ship THAT much… so make her come to you… and just hope that she isn’t a leet tri-jumping weather bitch… if she is… then at least your fighting a good storm…hehe

Cammy - can you tech throws consistantly? can you tech roll consistantly? if not… learn to… if you can… then just keep yourself out of the one good solid combo she has… and she is nothing… also… she’s highly dash in dependent so any WELL TIMED AAA call’s will make cry…

The goal of this advice is not to teach to to beat these characters. The goal is you not losing to chumps using these characters. There’s a big difference. Good players know how to do a LOT more than just abuse these simple principles… on the otherhand… following this might allow you to not get so fed up losing to chumps online… that you can get good… and beat good players.

The one thing I learned I really need to calm down and let the fight come to me. I had the idea that I have to be constantly doing something but I realized that’s how I get caught in stupid assist + big hyper setups. Now that I realize this how do I wait it out and see how my opponent is going to use his characters with out backing up and looking like a moron? I usually have trouble with AA that comes out fast like Ryu/Ken, CC, and Psylock. I know I need to bait them but what are some suggestions?

i main stider/doom but i dont always pick clockwork. the only thing i would recommend is to practice teleporting with strider. when i was a noob i would always do wall cling instead and that would cost me the match. as soon and i stopped wall clinging and actually teleporting, the match was mines.

Ya, I had that same problem I found out was, you cant mash for the rings and teleport at the same time (or least I can’t). I admit I don’t teleport enough though. Right now my biggest weakness is my Sent, I really don’t know how to pressure with him with out spamming Rocket Punch(even when I don’t I feel they are just waiting for me to mess up anyway and catch me into something stupid)., but when I am getting rushed down or I am really fighting for space, it just because naturally to throw Rocket Punches every other move.

Another note that has nothing to do with my team, but I get caught in a lot of traps and I have no idea how to get out of things. Like Cable/CC where Cable shots nades, then when I jump the gap to dodge the nade I get hit by CC. I played one guy that covered all his jump ins with Captain so I couldn’t even pressure him in the air either.

As someone else improving my cruddy Sentinel, replacing all non hit confirmed rocket punches with either fast-fly -> Pressure, refly, or something similar is great to try.

Before I start to answer you q’s, I want to say a few things. First off, strider\doom is EXTREMELY complicated. By far one of the hardest teams to play as in the game. Most of this game is derived off 1 hit, a lot of characters can win the game like this. Unfortunately, strider isn’t one of them and this can be very frustrating. You can win 11-12 perfect layers, lose the 13th and all of a sudden you lost the game. Its the nature of the team though.

Also, I have read every page and every post in the strider section and I have seen 99% of the strider\doom video’s on zachd.com, youtube and google video… I have even gone back pre srk crash to check out some of the older posts as well. If you want to play this team, I suggest you do the same. Anyone who’s been good with this team will tell you that they put HUGE amounts of work into it.

  1. c.lk, s.mp, rp
    c.lk, s.mp, fly, fly.lk, fly.rh, fly.rocket punch.
    call doom and rocks hit, sj.lk, sj.mp, sj.rocket punch

  2. no doom, keep it short
    c.lk, s.mp, FLY, then fly away
    c.lk, FLY, fly.lk, fly.rh, unfly, refly - this is a mixup hit confirm

  3. Learning to use flight mode when and where is all a matter of matchups. Watch other sentinel players fly and first work on the top 4 characters to fight against. mag, storm, cable, sent. Learn how sentinel fights these characters first then move onto the other good characters like IM, cyke, BH,

  4. wave loop i guess refers to the HSF loop?
    c.lk, s.mp, rocket punch, hsf, spit hsf

  1. THE BEST way to practice strider\doom block string is in training mode against the cpu. Set the cpu to all jump and all block. Once you have grounded the opponent and he has stopped jumping, see if you can keep him from jumping during your trap process. If they can’t jump out of it, it means its tight enough so they can’t call their helper which is what you want. This is not MY training method. This is duc do’s and I find it particularly useful. I can do this up 10+ times without the opponent jumping just to give you a measure on a dedicated players accuracy.

  2. strider with sent. This is zoning tool that it used differently from fight to fight. For instance against magneto, you can use it to flood the ground to prevent magnus from dashing fwd+psylock if your distancing and reaction time is good. Against sentinel, he fly above this so using it to flood the ground won’t work the same. Watch clockw0rk use strider\drones.

  3. When orbs hit, use your brain. If the opponent has a bleeding assist, snap the assist in. If he’s almost dead, do your best to kill him. If the opponent has no bar, snap in their weakest character. If everyone is healthy, do as much life as possible.


  1. c.lk, c.mk, c.hp. Use that instead.

  2. man, its really hard for doom to land a mixup because he’s so slow. Dooms c.rh is unblockable Learn to abuse that since thats the only thing that will give a you a mixup thats kinda fast.

for keep away, drones+j.fp, ground photons+drones, and air photons pretty much can zone off any character. Doom really fucks up the shittier characters in the game rather easy like commando IMO.

I did my best to answer these in a timely fashion. If I were to answer all of these properly, it would of taken much longer. If my answers are lacking, I’m sorry.

If you have anymore questions, please make sure you study all the info available to you first. The majority of the detailed info will be there. Watching every video could take a while but the entire strider section wouldn’t take that long to read.

There are a handful of things, I am having trouble on. Before I list them, ya I noticed the whole things about being in control then all of a sudden you lose out of nowhere, also I will note I understand this is a hard team to play but at the same time I have a easier time manning this team then Team Scrub (I am really horrible with every team mate I have no idea why).

  1. Psylock AA- I always get hit by it. She hits a random limb or I end up hitting her lagging my recovery and Mag then just gets all over me.

  2. Mindless Spam- I don’t know why but it happens to me in every game I start playing. I will be pressuring or just getting into a combo then all of a sudden a assist comes from the opposite side of me for no reason or I get caught by a instant hyper, etc etc etc.

  3. Cable- I swear I do not know why but I can’t seem to ever fight this guy. The guys that really know how to man this guy just complete get me no matter what I do.

4 T. Bonne - Just stupid amounts of damage for simply blocking and pressing the assist button, gets me every time.

Based on these things… I’d say you just need to log more hours of pvp to imrpove your defense. You can’t do much with anyone in this game… til you shore up that. DO less… instead learn how to safely build meter and trick, bait, or force your opp to leave an opening. Against psylock for instance… jump in blocking or dash in blocking… expect her… want her to come out… know that you are dashing in and either blocking or making psy whiff… and THEN is when your attack pattern actually starts. People wont pick her unless they plan on calling her… wouldn’t it be best for your plan to want them to call her?

Seeing as how you play online, maybe you could post a video of you playing a match or two?


Playing the team requires a understanding of spacing, zoning and the ability to be aggressive and patient. Strider is the main focal point in the team, but is the weakest as well. To protect him, kinda whore Doom out, but it in a strategic way. As far as Sentinel, it would be a great addition to the team if you learned Sentinel. His power combined with Doom chip, and Strider/Doom chip, can pose a great adversary.


  1. Work on corner combos, combined with Doom for lock-down.
  2. A block string combo is beam/rocket punch/Doom/HSF. Great for chip and lock-down.
  3. I would say yeah, because w/Doom you can really take advantage of stompage chip. Also, you can sometimes sneek in a Strider assist (Expy type)
  4. Santhrax, MSP, ComboFiend (Well you can, but be wary of IM’s repulsor)
  5. I believe youre talking about the cross-up where Sent wave dashes? Practice in the corner…


  1. Simple…JUST THROW EVERYTHING STRIDER HAS WITH DOOM ASSIST AT YOUR OPPONENT!! Not really, but basically thats the objective.
    Use orbs often, and teleport w/Doom for lock-down. LK2,LP2,HP,HK w/Doom + Teleport xxx orbs… (repeat) Work on that in training mode…
  2. That is optional, it depends on which opponent youre facing. Maybe against lower tier teams, since Doom wouldnt be much of a neccesity against them.
  3. JAB!!..JAB!!..JAB!! Work on his standing combos, and actually use Sent drones instead of Doom, for stringing combos. Doom knocks them upward, so use Sent. (NOTE: Answer to previous question)


  1. You should use the cr.lp2, cr.hp. Thats the best way to launch into aerial combo. The cr.lk into cr.hp doesnt connect most times, leaving Doom open for a counter.

Mixup- cr.lp2, stnd.hk w/Sent, fly, dive kick, fly, adup w/Sent. Nice way to keep your opponent on guard.
Rushdown- add+ lk2, adf+ Sent, land, add+ lk2, a nice, basic way to execute simple Doom rushdown.

Thanks for all the help, to answer clock, not sure how I would record myself on my PS3.

Doom’s cr.lk, cr.lk, cr.hp connect like mindlessly and has better reach than cr.lp… if they did manage to block… doom’s not very open as the cr.hp cancels just fine to d,df,f + lp… which causes enough hitstun to be pretty safe even point blank. Also the whole series short tho it may be… is full lockdown… so no AAA worries.


If this guy wants to give you strider doom tips… I’d find a way.

On thursday I have sometime to get my gf to record me. Should I just record the first two matches?


Actually, the cr.lp2 has more range than the cr.lk2. Believe it or not, the punch reaches further than the kick. Go to training mode, and practice both moves w/opponents in the corner. Its very slight, but there is a microscopic advantage. In actuality, you should use both, either cr.lp, cr.lk -OR- cr.lk, cr.lp to ensure a connection. It also depends on the opponent and how far they go back after hitstun. I prefer cr.lp2 because it hits in the midsection of the ooponent, which seems easier to follow up with a combo. The cr.lk2 works as well, but it just seems like one of the kicks will whiff (which happens often). So, just mix it up and find which way works best for you…

the cr.mk missing? not often… wave dash faster…