I want to learn to use ClockWork

Any good 2k9 and present strider vids? =D

I know, which can be a minor problem with Doom. You have to work on his wave/cr.moves, cause his attacks are slower than others…

Why is it that bombxxouro works on cable? in my mind I’d imagine that it would just get you AHVB (I’m a total scrub though). all but the absolute worst cables are beating me right now, especially when they have cyclops assist. Can anyone provide some elaborate anti-cable advice?

point character that can slow, redirect, or delay their descent… to bait out his AAA… make it whiff… then you also need something that is safe enough on block to try and get in with. Pretty basic advice… but its pretty much the basis of most anti-cable strategies.

If you’ve got someone who can safely build meter… you can also bait out his AAA and nail it with a big THC or DHC series… killing it off will make him much weaker.

If he AHVB’s he’ll still get hit from above. Occasionally if he call drones Sent will soak it up and protect him. Bombs damage vs a bit of AHVB is a decent trade.
Look up clockw0rk vs DarkPrince on Youtube.
Lots of WW2 bombs.

EDIT - snap in Cyclops if your’ve done some damage on him. If you have Sent 2nd you can frame cancel s.Hp to HSF ( qcf + 2K imm. DHC to HSF). Good damage if you are near the corner.

bomb vs cable is a trade up if ONLY the ahvb touches your I believe. Striders bomb on hit is the most damaging special in the game, its stronger than RP. I guess you could count jugg glitch punch but thats a different story I suppose. Non gltiched, its the most damaging special.

when cable does gun x4 to keep strider in check, you can crouch teleport on reaction to cable doing that. What will happen is that cable is forced to do something. This can back fire sometimes if the opponents call drones but sometimes, I like to teleport same side to bait that out.

most strider players use the bird to retrap. This is because it stops cable from jumping and getting an AHVB off. You have to tweak your trap pattern slightly to make this work as an anti jump and a trap pattern.

If cable likes to do those TK special beams, not the super, you can throw a bomb on reaction to that. You can also bomb when you see cable jup\jupbck on reaction. When you see cable NJ nade instead of TK nade, thats also another indicator for work. EIther bomb cancel orbs, or teleport pressure.

cable’s favorite counter is jupbck. When you play with strider, sometimes patterns like c.lk, c.mk, c.fp will make cable jupbck after the c.fp. The pattern I mentioned is a safe offensive pattern, its to get cable thinking. “shit, he tried to hit me, I’m going to recreate space”. If you teleport cancel off c.fp, you can catch cable with an air throw. This setup is VERY hit confirmable so you can throw into doom.

cable is VERY big crouching. He’s one of the easiest top tiers to hit with an instant overhead. Now, this tactic is more advance than something basic but you can @ try to utilize it. Its very good in the corner if you hit cable with corner pressure air combo. He has to block a 50\50 he can’t block on reaction. Striders hi\lo game is faster than magnetos but it only gets 1 shot in most cases. If magneto gets 1 shot, he can land like 3-4 mixups sequentially. Not only that, magneto will kill you. Strider a good bit of the time will only get an AC, into orbs if he has bar.

clockw0rk vs DP is a good example of how strider should approach cable, HOWEVER, I didn’t see DP do to many secret tactics to stop strider. I believe there’s a duc do vs clockw0rk match some where and I think thats more relevant. Duc can use the counters more effectively.

So I’m guessing that the Strider/Doom/Sentinal team isn’t a good one for someone who just started playing?

i fell in love with strider, hes so much fun an addictive. i wouldnt be playing marvel if he wasnt in it =)

clockwork ftw