I want to main this character, but he's just too diffucult to use



I can’t believe how easier Yun is to use over Yang. I love Yang, but the execution to use him has to be completely flawless, since a lot of his combos are 1 frame links. My main character is Guy and I can use him a lot better than Yang. I occasionally use Yun as well because I can actually use him, but Yang is like “Damn it, what the hell can I do with him?”

I would like to make the switch over to Yang, but I need help understanding how to link his combos flawlessly just like if I were using Guy or Yun.


training mode helps. also if you can use advanced techniques to ease execution such as plinks or double taps, please use them.


I have difficulty doing plinks, and as for double taps, I haven’t even tried those yet, and I know those work better for 2 frame links.


I know how you feel. When I first started using Yang, I was getting my ass kicked. I couldn’t do his cr.lk bnbs, couldn’t fadc into his ultra, my dive kick spacing sucked. Pretty much, dp mashers would ruin my day. I just make a little time everyday to practice yang’s bnbs and fundamentals. I’m not 100% with his combos,but I improved dramatically since day 1. Just gotta keep practicing. And fuck online!!!


My best advice is to just use the easy stuff until you learn how to use the character somewhat well.

After command grab: s.lp, cr. mk, mk senkyuutai

BnB against most characters: cr. lp, s. lp, cr. mk, mk senkyuutai

BnB against small characters (blanka, chun, honda, etc.): cr. lk, cr. lk, st. lk, rekkas.

Once you learn how to use Yang at a basic level, learn some frame traps, safe jumps and option selects. If your execution is pretty good then you can start incorporating combos like s.mp, cr.mk xx special and cr. lp, cr.mk xx special.


1 frame links? You don’t need to use any one frame links except for command throw -> close HP or close MP -> c.mk.


Command throw into close hp isn’t a one frame link though.


Don’t rely on his divekicks too much. Play more mind games. You could cr.lk x2 then walk up and do more cr.lk. Also remember to tick grab (he can jab twice then tick grab) and also command grab.


I know thats right. You tell em D_ Dollar.lol.Training mode.!!! Hahaha.jk
But he is right, Training mode helps everytime and figure out his frame links and ways that you can link his combos way much easier!!!


some scrub tactics i used

j.mk (they block) command grab cr.mk

lp lp lp nuetral jump dive kick (if there blocking the lp’s of course)

on there wake up get close and hit cl.mk then cancel with a jump, if they block, u come down wit a lk or mk dive kick… if they don’t… i normally would just smack em with my mk cuss im stupid.

but ya, just like everyone said, practice them BNB’s i would learn plinking for his lk combo… i actually just started to plink because of his lk combo, and after 2 days it was no problem, its much easier then it seems.


i stop using command throw close hp into hard rolling kick cause i just cant hit the close hard punch. i will hit it sometimes but most of the times, its a completely useless and i wind up getting punished after that.
But Im looking for a Yang player to lab with!!!
PSN: Skipperall56


The only two hard things about using Yang are lk negative edge = teleport, and fadc ultra.
I stopped using the latter since the reward for breaking my hand or having it blocked is not worth it.

Otherwise, the character is easy.
This is not a “I’m generally good with most characters, but I’m having trouble with one thing here” thread.

This is a “I’m a rookie. How do I stop having difficulties doing things with characters?”

Also, if you can’t do Yang’s links, you can’t do Yun’s c.mp c.mp s.mp. Nor can you hit confirm into genei jin in a match and do the optimal combo.
Yun isn’t “easy”. It’s actually much harder to get in with yun in 2012, than yang.

2012’s difference between twins:
Yun: Damage.
Yang: Two or three better normals (pokes).

Both are pretty bad. Characters with no crossups and limited height dive kicks are crap. I wonder why Seth is an exception to every fucking rule in the game.


800 health.