I want to make an awesome av

but i cant so i leave it in someone else’s hands

I was thinking my name on a mountain dew drink or something silly

or maybe even a nice battle angel av

or perhaps an av with a hot chick and my name on the butt or something, i really have no clue just come up with whatever

so i was looking around and i thought maybe something along the lines of what $|-|U(V)AYeL did with his naruto av, except with some High School of the Dead or Hellsing or some thing CRAZY like that with zombies and stuff, or maybe not, who knows

your best bet would be to ask the person who made that same ava, pyschosquall maybe? not sure

I thought about this one before you started posted the other requests.

Wear it if you like “whatever” I came up with :slight_smile:

thank you

“Angel” “Palm”


just shut up

I have a request for an av, can anyone make me a boondocks av with that chick from BET looking EVIL?

let me know if someone can just help me out