I want to make my arcade stick wireless

hello, i would like to make my se stick wireless i like the size and weight of it. i know there is something called a toodless board, but i dont know where to get one from in the u.k any help ? Thanks

Nothing from Toodles will make your Xbox 360 SE Stick wireless. What you have to do is remove the default madcatz Xbox 360 pcb. Then hack a microsoft xbox 360 controller to connect to the buttons, and have a play and charge kit inside the stick. To charge the controller you need to get a 24mm holesaw and mount one of these to the exterior of your case.

For more info on padhacking go to slagcoin.com.

If you are successful in your wireless hack there are quite a few people that would buy your PCB off you. My guess it is worth about £20-£50

AXISdapter? :slight_smile:
OP, we can’t tell you much about what to do since we know little about what you have to work with. It’s an SE, and likely a PS3 version at that If so, it could be done, it just all depends on technical you are and how skilled with a soldering iron you are. Describe your abilities, details about your stick, and how perfect the final result has to be. The less ghetto it looks, the more difficult it becomes to do.

somehow I got it in my head that you have a 360 stick, but yes an Axisadaptor and a sixaxis controller is what you would need.

I’ve always wondered if something like this would work:

Wireless USB Hub: WiRanger - Icron Technologies

Granted there are many different variations of these devices, something is ought to work. A simple solution, not sure if it would work though.

hello, sor ry forget 2 mention its a Ps3 se stick, im quiet capable of soderin etc n my final result comes out good lol, mmmmmm the thing is i dnt want to go that way because i thought if i get that board u r sayin ill be able 2 jus screw them in an daisy chain the ground wire if im right???. im in uk so i want buy from sum1 in the u.k if possible im really luky cause my friend had a sixais pad which had no triggers it was perfect 4 me as i needed the pcb only which works :), so any further help is much appreciated

Toodles Axisdapter Board - Gremlin Solutions.

You can buy a Bluetooth pad, don’t know if they sell em in the UK, and then hack it if you have the soldering skills. I don’t believe there will be any resistor or npn transistors requires for the triggers or anything so it might be a straightforward pad hack, but don’t take my word for it.

Would be an awesome cheap mod.