I want to make your own Arcade stick - Turkey


Hi al friends. I am from turkey and live in istanbul. I’m TEKKEN player.

I want to make your own Arcade stick.

What material should I buy?

Is there a site that ships to Turkey?

I would like to do something like this.

As hitbox…


What else should I take? Please Help Me? :frowning:

1x Toodles Cthulhu Multi-Console PCB


14 x Sanwa OBSN 30mm Screw Button


35mm Aluminum Anti-Slip Joystick Case Feet (Set of 4)



You still need a box (i.e. stick body), wires and quick disconnects. Also, be aware that the MC Cthulu won’t work on the Xbox 360.


no problem @Rufus. my game platform PS3…

How many what else should I buy?

How many quick disconnects.???


You need a minimum of 2 quick disconnects per button. You want some extra incase you mess up.
You have 15 buttons get a minimum of 30 quick disconnects.

You will also need a case, the wooden, plastic or metal box that everything gets mounted on/ in.


And you prolly should have said I want to make MY own instead of YOUR own stick.


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