I want to mod my MAS

ok ok ok we all know that MAS and DC dont really get along(blue screen), let alone if you have a p360 in it…i heards its a train wreck.

but does anyone know, pr have any experience modding a MAS stick and putting in a p360 with success.
i’ve played on MAS with p360 with no problems(tingboys)

so do you guys think if i change the pcb to maybe a psx pcb, install the p360, and use a converter will it solve the problem?

Uhh…I don’t have a P360 in mine. Just a good ol’ Competition =)

Doing the PSX pcb + DC converter route would be the best bet (avoids all possible blue screens).

Anyone have problems using a PS2 to xbox (original) joystick adapter? I have a mas stick.