I want to play a charge character

But, for some reason, I can’t reliably charge. Guile is one of my favorite characters who I could never play. In practice mode, I can get charge specials off with 100% accuracy. Under pressure though, like with a Hadouken coming at me that I want to cancel out with an SB, a punch comes out instead. I’m certain I charged long enough and did the motion right. What could be causing this? Am I hitting the button too soon, too late?

(Referring to SFxT Guile if it matters)

Are you hitting the punch button before or after moving the stick towards the opponent? That may be the problem, I don’t play charge characters, but I think you have to hit Punch right after you move the stick forward. Might just be timing, but if it’s online or something lag might cause the attack not to come out. If the game lags even a bit, you might not have been holding the other direction for enough frames, even if you think you were.

Once again, I don’t play charge characters, so this is just my theory.

hmm hmm hmm could this still apply for SFXT? [media=youtube]mARorBkHxt0[/media]

Most likely you’re letting go of your charge before its even ready to go. This often happens with newer players who aren’t used to character characters. The secret is to practice more often during live matches. Anybody can do a special move in training, without any pressure. Once you add the pressure of a live match though, it’s a LOT easier to forget your charge times.

Once you become more familiar with Guile, your brain will just automatically know whether or not you have charge, and you’ll react to the situation accordingly. Eventually you’ll develop a certain rhythm and timing that becomes innate the more comfortable you become with charge characters.

it took me a little bit to get it. are you on a stick or pad? if you’re on a stick hold down back then just move forward. dont worry you will get it. Just takes time. :slight_smile:

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Getting better at it, thanks for all of the tips.

Are you playing Stick or Pad? I tried to play Guile on pad, and it was just… no. Not working. I find that charge characters almost require stick.

This isn’t true at all, plenty of people can learn how to charge on pad. Hell, I spent most of my childhood playing charge characters on a pad.

It’s probably just because of my thumbs. I jammed up my left thumb while I was young, so it’s not exactly happy with certain things on pad.