I want to play import games on my PS2

So there are alotta japanese games I wanna play. Problem is, when I tried to see if I could get my PS2 to open, I’m afraid that I’ll break it. Does anyplace sell Slim PS2’s with Swap Magic already installed?

Swap Magic doesn’t require modifying the Slim PS2. If you don’t want to crack open the system you can order the plastic pieces that slide into the holes that fool your PS2 into thinking the lid is closed. It’s completely reversible.

its a cake walk to take it apart, the only thing is watch the spring holding the lid on, you should have no problem doing it, I did the swap magic in like 5 minutes my first time

Another vote for swap magic. I have a PAL PS2 with swap magic and an NTSC-J PS2 with a chip, boot disc method is fine though if it’s only for certain games.

when i used to play my PS2 I used swap magic. was so easy to use. I opened up my ps2 and put duct-tape on the sensors where you would normally put the plastic covers that you can buy to mod your ps2 with. closed the case and worked perfect.

check out the tutorials and guides on the net, they will show you how to perform these mods step by step easily.

it is extremely easy and doesn’t break the warranty seal if you do it properly. you don’t even need the little piece of plastic they give you(which doesn’t even stick properly). I have a piece of paper in mine.