I want to *** potter for dollar signs!

I would like to have a grudge match vs harry potter at ts4 i’ll handicapp myself also, we will play first to 5 wins and all he has to do is win 4 games to my 5. That guy will definately beat me!!:wink:

100 dollars on potter* :slight_smile:

  • i’m not lying :slight_smile:

EDIT: And if this is mvc2 we’re talking about

You hungry? cause potter is gona feed you CLIPS

okay i’ll take you on that bet, i only have to win 4 and you have to win 5…
the amount im putting down = 100-200… possibly more, depending on how much you are putting up…
maybe even 3 bills…

i’ve seen this guy (potter) play. he’s real good and fast so i dunno. REPRESENT WEST COAST POTTER!

i got 50 cents on potter.

Potter: take this fool to school

I bet 100 bucks to Evil Rahsaan.

This is if we are talking about a DOUBLE PANEL DDR CHALLENGE.

win that shit potter:cool:

lol potter will win this for free

org: confirm amount you want to lose…

potter’s gonna shit on this guys face then steal his cookies.

Justin Wong, if you’re reading this, remember our side bet. I propose for each game Potter wins, I get $10, and for each game Rahsaan wins, you get $10. So, say Potter wins 3 out of 5… you’d owe me $10. Max of 5 games.

Oh yeah, Potter will fuck him up.

potter gonna murk this nigga

This thread is disappointing(not the posts), ORG talked all that shit and he doesn’t even post anymore in the thread he created. GOOD SHIT.
What happened to all the talk? unless you’re gonna play me for money, never talk shit again because that shit is rediculous because everyone will know you’re not down to put your money where your mouth is.

i heard dat cat infinite from ny wants to take your “lunch money”

take that fools life money pottah … :lol:

serious man, they don’t know that i got the gats that they be hunting bears with…

my bets on potter. reppin so cal…

long live S.A.