I want to put this total scrub on blast

The guy is named “Hate is my fuel”.Hes number 2 or 3 on the xbox ladder. Let me give you a brief history. He beat me like twice wen I first got the game in ranked with Deathstroke because I had no idea idea what to do, no biggie. After that I learned the match and beat hes deathstroke like 5-6 in row. Rage quit at the end every single time. Now he plays doomsday because i guess peole know the deatstroke match and ofcourse hes just as awful. Beat his doomsday every single time I’ve played him (4-5 times) and ofcourse rage quite every time.

The guy can’t play for shit and hes a rage quitter.What a littel cunt.

Just putting it out there.If you gonna rage quite 10+ times on me because you are shit I’m gonna try to shit on your rep (if you have any). Fuck this guy.

It’s online, man.
It’s meaningless.
Especially with online as bad as Injustice.

Netcode is on par with SF4 tho. What sucks is there is nor region filters.When I play europe people connections can be great but its too bad you cant fiter that shit. Anyway its not like I’m goona waste more time to hate on this joker.I’ve made this thread and thats it.

Yeah it’s similar to a 5 year old old ass game…
Again, he’s top of the leader board on XBL, which means jack shiiieeet in the tournament scene.
A good chunk of people don’t know how to play the game let alone a zone heavy matchup like deathstroke.

Maximilian blow him up on one of his videos and raged on him. I could imagine quite a few people know of this guy’s a fraud

With a name like “Hate is My fuel” I’m not surprise.

Something pretty funny happend. I played him again like 2 hours ago in ranked.He picked deathstroke again. Nearly perfected him the 1st round and the second he put on a mic stratet screaming jibbersih and stared to jump in the corner wating for me to hit him.Wen I took him down to low he quit again.

I’d imagine what he was screaming over the mic was something like “you think you goona win, yeah yeah ?? you think you goona win ?? ect ect” (it was in russian I think) for good 30 secods and then rage quits as to “show me”. What a moron lol. Atleast I’m making him salty.

Is English your second language?

Sadly, he did not complain about stuff being cheap and therefore cannot be called a scrub. Also, ragequit thread.