I want to record my matches

I’d like to start recording my matches so I can get input from people on what am I doing wrong and whatnot, but I don’t know where to start (I don’t want to record with a camcorder).

I play SF4 on my PC and PS3. I thought it would be easy to record from my PC with software but everything I’ve tried (FRAPS and something else I forget the name of) lags my game to shit even with the settings low, and my PC isn’t bad.

So what exactly do I need to buy? I’d like to be able to record from both my PC and PS3. The video quality doesn’t need to be HD or anything, just good enough you know? Is there a relatively cheap option out there? Am I better off going the camcorder route?

For FRAPS, make sure you’re recording at 60fps and not 30.

Otherwise, I don’t know the specifics as to what you need to buy but looking for a TV or Video Capture Card would be a start.

Something like this should do the trick for you:


Along with a Video/audio splicer so you can get the image from your Console to your TV and PC at the same time.

Also, check what was said above, I had the same issue trying to record fraps at a low setting, problem is that it actually caps your framerate in the game. Setting to 60 made sure I was able to record perfectly


These are matches I recorded just with my normal digital camera set to video mode, and with a large enough memory card. The quality isn’t wonderful…but its good enough. I can watch this at home or on the go, or show it to people here and get comments on what I’m doing right/wrong.

If that’s really all you want, then you don’t need fancy recording equipment. I too considered it for a moment, but I couldn’t find a solution that didn’t cost money, and I couldn’t justify spending the cash for it.

its on a the expensive side, but you could also try the canopus advc 110. Its what i use to make my videos.

Like Azrael said, video camera is a really easy solution.


This was recorded with a 60$ HD video camera I picked up off the trading outlet, and a 12$ tripod. I could have centered it better but my couch I sit on is backed against a wall. You can clearly see the match though, and there’s no negative effect on the player(s) game.

Thanks for the input guys, I’m so out of touch with technology :rofl:

Looks like using a video camera is the way to go. The only problem will be recording from my PC, it will be hard to get a good angle given my setup but I’ll figure something out. Not like there are any PC exclusive fighting games that I play anyway so maybe I’ll stick to my PS3 for recording.

Plus I’ll be able to take a picture of my junk and share it with the world like Greg Oden.

I tried setting it to 60fps. I tried a bunch of different options… either the game runs slow or the recorded video is unwatchable.