I Want To See More Ibuki Vids By This Player

As far as i’m concerned Aruka seems to have the best Ibuki I’ve seen, but i’m looking to find more videos on Ibuki that ARE not on this thread as well as ones from this Ibuki player here below.


the players name is Digi he also games by the name Kim Allen

I don’t think there are anymore of him. The only time I’ve really ever heard of him is from that Ranbat there. He’s a good Ibuki player but…he’s definitely not quite as solid as some of the Japanese ones.

As for other Ibuki vids, I have some stuff from Ibuki12, Jyi and some other Ibuki players but they’re all on my comp. I’ll have to see if I can upload some.

aight bro, do that if you can, it would be greatfully appreciated.

aight bro, do that if you can, it would be greatfully appreciated.

aight bro, do that if you can, it would be greatfully appreciated.

I am uploading two Aruka videos to google for you guys.


Enjoy guys :slight_smile: Aruka is the man!

Another Ibuki video. I dont know how long this will be up… but if it goes down, I will try to see if I can submit it to google video from the makers.


Not to impressive… but still ibuki!



I was going to post the youtube videos but they showcase a poorly played ibuki =[

You don’t learn anything by just watching faultless ibukis. And i think that the ibuki player in the shirube vid played pretty good

You don’t learn anythng at all by watching Ibukis using random chain combos and qcf+P slides abusively that don’t work offline.

Oh wait…those aren’t those vids of the Xbox Live Ibuki players. Good. Never mind.

Did someone get butthurt?

Digi is a good player, best Ibuki I’ve personally come across. Plays at FFA. City of Angels!


I’ll look forward to playing against him in Vegas. :tup:

Deviljin is lamezor. Ultra David FTW.

Any vids of you floating around out there, DevilJin? I’m trying to get my hands on as much Ibuki footage as possible, would enjoy seeing your Ibuki in action.

Well there would have been if the guy who recorded the matches from a couple of the previous tournaments I’ve been to had posted them. Yet, he’s going through a lot of shit right now so I think he just hasn’t got to it. If I ever do get those vids available I’ll let you know. Who knows…if I make it far enough at Evo Vegas you might see me on the DVD. :tup:

good luck, deviljin!
i’m rooting for all you ibuki players at the tournaments!

i’m one myself, and i’ll be playing her at this years tournament in brazil (they’re organizing the state tournament trying to turn it into a national tournament qualifier)

i’d really love to see you playing ibuki, because i already learn a lot just from reading your posts here in the srk forums…
and to see one of your videos - and have the opportunity of you yourself to comment and use them as an example would be great

plus, matches with ibuki are kinda of hard to find… i get really happy when i see one, especially when those good ibukis that beat those legendary opponents (aruka’s matches comes to mind - it’s just plain fun watching him play… he makes the match flow in a beautiful way…)

sorry to hear that your videos are now postponed… i really wanted to see… if you get a chance, try to record more of your matches too ^^
maybe you could even tape a few casuals, and teach how you can exploit common mistakes and then take it to your advantage =]

and i really think you should join up with xenozip and make an ibuki tutorial video ^^
(ok, that would be a lot of trouble for you guys, … but it would be sooooooooo great!)

anyway, thanks a lot! i’m greatly improving my game, thanks to you