I want to start a tournament

I’m trying to start a tourny are any of you guys interested in a Alpha 3 tournament

So far the rules are as follow

  • You must use Kawaks 1.58
  • The tournament will take place at The ocr remix server in kaillera
  • It WILL be an elimination tournament.
    *And as for a prize I still have to think of that I guess, maybe you can be an admin at my forums or something.

good luck :lol:

Are you being sarcastic because most people use mamek?

Yeah a lot of people flat out don’t like Kawaks 'round these parts. I was never against it, but you won’t find many fans.

Why don’t people like kawaks? I dont understand why people choose Mame over kawaks. Can someone explain… :rolleyes:

-No default unlocked time release for a3
-No secret characters for marvel
-Doesn’t support individual button configs for different CPS2/Neogeo games
-Limited to only Neogeo/CPS2 games
-No reason to use it over mame.

Kawaks is used for online play only in Brazil and in some countries in Europe


It’s the only option to who haves a weak computer.
Maybe that’s why it’s so popular in Brazil and Europe…

I’d be down for this -I just can’t use kawks. MAMEk is fine, don’t sweat it.

Yeah my computer isn’t as strong. Though I have computers that is strong in my house that has mame on it. I just have a lot of problems using mame, some games don’t work for me but they work on kawaks. I guess if you can’t beat them join them. tomorrow I will try and figure out my mame problems.

i’m not really sure about this but doesn’t kawaks and mame use different roms? so you gotta download kawaks rom for kawaks and mame rom for mame?

Well, I suppose you could subtract this 2 from your list of reasons.

  • To have game specific button settings just load the game offline, change the settings and go Tools->Save Settings To INI
  • As much as you wanna keep playing pacman and space invaders, kawaks doesn’t have some sound problems like mame32k0.64 and has more video blitters and options and flexibility and same sound wise and believe it or not, there was a proper release last month with latest changes of cps2 systems decryption which concerns all cps2 games.

And I suppose you could add some to your list too:

  • Desyncs with old neogeo games
  • No native online recording

As far as I know, a ROM is a ROM. I’ve played Street Fighter Alpha 3 and other games it supports just fine.

Im interested, any emulator.

“As far as I know, a ROM is a ROM. I’ve played Street Fighter Alpha 3 and other games it supports just fine.”

There are some exceptions, the Twinke Star Sprites ROM on most popular ROM sites works in Kawaks, but gives errors in MAME. There is another place you have to go to get a working TSS rom in MAME.

Can that also be a matter of the version of MAME?

You have made a really good point. I thought the sound problems in mame had something to do with online play. Desyncs is never a good thing. I’n my opinion kawaks will always be better. A lot of people don’t realize it though.
Try netplaying with kawaks, then netplay with mamek0.64 and they will see the difference.

“Can that also be a matter of the version of MAME?”

I was talking about MAME v0.64

So yeah, it does work on later MAME, the latest I believe. It also doesnt work in 0.67 so.

People should start using MAME32ppk, it’s not outdated and it supports Sega Genesis games.
I don’t know if there’s any Online problems though, I never used it to play online.