I want to start my own arcade part supply store


We all know its getting tough waiting for your arcade parts to get to the consumers. I think I am going to invest what I can in opening my own arcade supply shop. I have the space, I have the time, and I have the energy, I have the money… I just need to get it started.

I am having a hard time figuring out to how to buy these buttons wholesale. I have been searching online, but i cannot find any sites for wholesale distributors. I am guessing I need to contact Sanwa and Seimitsu and ordering through them, but i don’t know Japanese.

If anyone knows what I can do to get this going, I would really appreciate it. I will be shipping out of Sacramento, so I think I can send orders to alot of consumers in a faster time than most suppliers.


I think by the time you can actually start selling parts, the ‘sf4 custom stick’ hype will die down alot. The huge profit margin that you once envisioned will have come and gone. Remember, bigger companies can sell parts for a lower price b/c they sell in bigger volumes. Smaller fish won’t be able to compete!

On a side note, if you do get it started quickly, I can pick up parts from you (bay area)! Good luck.


I am not looking at this for the long run, just something that I can do to help the SF 4 hype.

I have waited a month and half for parts to build my custom stick and I am getting tired of waiting. I would have thought there would be tons of places in the bay area as well as the LA area, but i have found none! i find that to be ridiculous.

thanks for the support and i will get this up and running asap!


good luck!


lol, the SF4 hype is going to end quicker than you think.


Would you really help the community by selling parts? I thought the sanwa manufacturers were out of stock completely and creating parts as quickly as they could just to keep up with the market demands. I thought the bottleneck was factory not the storefronts. Correct me if I’m wrong, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:


If existing companies can’t recieve parts directly from sanwa i’d say its hopeless for you.

akihabara and lizardlick didnt start up just yesterday.


yea i agree with everyone, by the time you get everything in and set up shop it’ll be a waste. I just drove down to LizardLick Friday and they got a shipment of something like 600 sticks. So it looks like shops are getting their orders in now it’s just that no one was really set up for this initial hype.


Sanwa and Seimitsu do not ship outside of Japan. You need a middleman. PM TheRealNeoGeo for more info… he may help you out.


This is pretty relevant and what makes them so rare here.


ARe you sure? did you see the lizardlick thread?