I want to start reading sf comic but need some info

hey guys i wanna start reading sf comics but i dunno where to start.

im interested in

all the SF (especially SF3) storyline
Darkstalkers looks interesting
Final chapter of Ryu?


-where can i buy these in english
-how many issue for each SF/darkstalkers has been out

thnx in advance

are you talking about the old import comics or Udon’s series?

udon series

Udon do Street Fighter and Darkstalkers both in english

Street Fighter is up to 15 I think and Darkstalkers I think, 6? Dunno about this for certain.

I dunno what store you can pick these comics up at the moment since I don’t know what country your’e in. But if you google it in sure you’ll find a store where you can get em’ online. Also the series is having a bit of a break at the moment. So I recommend you buy the TPB and get up to speed before they release the next arch.

As for Ryu Final it’s being translated at the moment. Sano has all the goss on that. He’s an expert when it comes to all the import titles.

Your best bet for catching up on the whole series is to buy the first two trade paperbacks. They aren’t as good as the comics, or as large, but unless you’re either rich, or really determined, you probably won’t be able to collect all the back issues too quickly. The last issue of Street Fighter was #14, the first was #0, but that was a con exclusive, very hard to find, and wasn’t as long as a normal comic, more of a teaser really. All of the issues are in the trades, in order. If you have a credit card, you can order them online from www.ruppsworld.com or www.herofix.com

If not, you might want to try eBay in your own country, or a comic shop if you’re lucky enough to live close enough to one for a visit. The trades are great, but the individual comics are even better!

Darkstalkers is up to #6, and there is a trade paperback of those issues as well.

i basically wanna start reading SF comics is cuz when i played 3S. i had no idea wut was going on. i heard oro was training RYU, Story behind Twelve/Necro so many question :slight_smile:

P.S i live in US and i would like to order it online. besides Ebay is there a site where i can get from 1 - 14?

I just told you two sites in my last post.

There is no story on SF3 in Udon’s comics yet (or pretty much anywhere, for that matter).

So that’s why the Eternal Challenge book has no info on the SFIII characters?