I want to take an avatar request - premium only

only one…

first come, only served… you supply pictures.


  1. no loli
  2. no loli
  3. no loli
  4. no emo shit
  5. no loli.

Yo Mixah could you make me something with this?

No loli’s or emo, Mixah? D:!


Lol @ Humongerous bewbs av request from AF. God damn dude.

Any ways, I doubt I’ll have the opportunity to request something since I just got my current avatar. but, would you be able to take a request from me for a friend?

How good’re you with animated av’s?

edit: didn’t see the “only one” part, so, lemme know if you don’t feel like taking af’s request. xD

What a neat drawing.

YO! I need this super dope, super fresh ness, no bitch ass ness, av.

could you like, have AKUMA do a RAGING DEMON on SAKURA!!!11

I want SAKURA bending over FROM DA BACK and before AKUMA does his RAGING DEMON he’s all like, “BITCH! WHAT DAT SMELL LIKE?!!!1”. then that nyguh rushes dat HOE down and shyt.

THEN, have SAKURA layin’ on the ground and shyt and she’ll be all like, “WHERE"S YO CURLY MUSTACHE AT, NYGUH?!”, and AKUMA would be like, “FUCK YO COUCH, BITCH!”.

I know you can pull that off, SON! make it happen, YO!

Lol shattas av is gonna be hella sick!:wow:


i’ll get it done by this weekend. sorry, but lack of free time is killing me.


You can make me an avatar then buy me premium so I can use it :slight_smile:

i’ll buy you a blow up doll andreas

And I will happily accept.


I’d wear that shit if I were prem :lovin:

screw you, mixah!

I made it for myself. thankx a lot pal!!:annoy:

^ haha

anyways keep it up mix