I want to THANK everyone on the Saikyo Boards/Fighting Community


I have been playing fighting games for over 17-20 years (cant remember), no matter how “good” I thought I was, I was not playing these type of games properly until I signed up here and starting reading FAQs/Guides. I used to do ALOT of mashing triple/quad tapping, jerky movements and generally sucking alot. I would spend most of my time fighting CPU’s in story mode because I would always get my ass handed to me online.

You guys real help out alot of new people and I just want to say Thank You to everyone who helps out. Thanks for giving a damn.I used to RAGE alot, to the point where I hated playing online games. I play nowadays quiet,focused and alot more confident. I used to throw pads around when I lost and I honestly sounded alot like DSP when I played (blamed online lag,button inputs, cheesy tactics).

Well I no longer throws pad ( I bought a TE stick after playing withs pads for nearly 2 decades.). I get along with my fiance/friends alot more, im generaly alot more postive in life too… Really did Street Fighter do this to me?I used to play alot of online FPS games (talk trash,rage). The only game I play now is fighting games. I tried playing Red Dead Redemption recently, didnt like it.I betcha though I would have gotten into a year ago. I have more thrills now learning to get better at fighting games every day. Im working on plinking as I type this.

My true hobby was right in front of me all along, somewhere along the way I lost sight of it. (most likey when Dreamcast died). Thanks guys for helping me fall back in love with fighting games.

And if you read all of that, thanks!