I want to try every stick possible! Help!


I have a IORI SCV fight stick at home that came whit a JLF Sanwa stick.
I tried changing the spring whit harder ones… I tried every restrictor gate possible… and still the JLF doesn’t do it for me… Cause I grew up playing fighting games in the arcades using HAPP controllers…

What I want to do now is buy every sticks possible that is compatible whit the IORI stick mentioned above and try them all so I can find out witch one of those Asian controllers works best for me.

I need help for this, I would like to know every sticks that I should order from FocusAttack … tell me all of them that are compatible whit my IORI and in what variation because I don’t fully understand the mount plate thing… so I can buy them all and try them all! I will let you guys know what I like the best when ill be done testing them!


You should probably refer to the stick properly as a “HORI” joystick, not “IORI”.


Save yourself the trouble and get a Hayabusa. Hang on to those JLF springs too.


it’s probably gonna be tough to find an asian joystick that feels comparable to a HAPP/IL.

Sanwa JLW is probably gonna be the closest, although I don’t know if it will fit in the case or not; or you can put a sanwa bat top on your JLF, circle gate, cherry switches, and maybe a stronger spring (can get different spring strengths on paradisearcade).


I have a bat top on it, and I tried the different springs from Paradise Arcade… tried the circle gate as well… JLF is not for me… the Injustice fight stock stick whit an octagonal gate works better for me than the JLF… so you know, and that’s why that I want to try every stick possible, maybe the Crown one would be good for me?.. By the way, whats up whit the HORI Hayabusa? why would it save me time? If I don’t like how the stock controller feels to me this would be a waste of money…


Hayabusa is far superior to a JLF but it isn’t anything like HAPP/iL. It’s the best Japanese lever around at this time though, IMHO.


Umm… you dont care for the JLF, but you like the injustice which is a JLF clone but looser (and sloppy feeling IMO)… I dont know what to suggest at that point.

personally, I use a JLF with optical board, 3lb spring and aluminum bat top. It makes it feel as close to a Happ stick as it can get.

Second closest I have is same as above but instead of an optical board, I have a 1.5mm actuator on it.


@ed1371 - You use a 1.5mm actuator on a Busa?


I have a tried a bunch of sticks \ mods \ probably more than most (although obviously less than some points @kowal)

I feel like in the end they are just a stick.

If you suck with 1 you will suck with them all, if you are a beast with 1 you are a beast with them all.

There hasn’t been 1 stick that I have been like OMG, this is it.

Sure certain sticks are better than others in some situations (can throw fireball faster on ls-56 than jlf because engage is shorter, etc.) and I can totally see playing with a certain spring or top because you like the way it feels.

But in the end, if you truly want to become a better player, I suggest you work on improving yourself, compared to your hardware. Focus on that later. It will save you money.

Now don’t get me wrong, I Have spent $1,000+ of dollars on stupid joystick shit, and it’s totally fun, but it’s not the key to becoming better.

Hope this helps you make your decision.

(and FYI the Hayabusa hype of 2014 is just hype, its a good stick, but its not a god send) IMO (I am sure others will argue)

As ol Dark says, “Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one, and they all stink”


No, the 1.5 on a JLF… (above meant the immediate sentence above it in the same post)



I can tell your right now that nothing is ever going to feel like an old HAPP unless you source old American parts and custom fit it into your stick. Internal mechanics and sizing are completely different.

People are in love with the Hayabusa since it’s the new hotness. They all say it’s a huge improvement over the JLF, but then again, pretty much anything is an improvement over the JLF. Despite that, as long as you consistently practice with it, you’ll execute just fine. People nitpick over minor differences between stick versions, but nothing is absolutely going to magically improve your execution.

It’s all personal preference, and only practice is going to make you better.

That being said, I actually learned to play competitively on an old Wico360 with HAPP buttons, which is the best American bat top I’ve ever used, bar none. Unfortunately, they’re also out of production, exceedingly rare and expensive to buy, and not usually in good condition.

The closest stick I’ve ever used that comes even remotely close to feeling like an American stick was a Sanwa JLW with a custom metal circle gate and stiffer spring. Felt good in both ball top and bat top form. It spins when you move the lever around, so that feels weird, but otherwise it feels good.


Let’s just cut the bullshit…


Haha. That stick is God Tier. Automatic Grand Finals appearance just for using it.


@Sethian I really disagree that a stick is just a stick. I play much better on a Seimitsu over a JLF, and then much better on a modded Seimitsu over a stock Seimitsu. I like Hayabusa because it’s good. It’s better than the Seimitsu sticks I’ve played on and feels great with a mod. There is a difference worth choosing one over another that fits your play style. I tend to play with really short movements and I tend to do things quickly, so that’s why I like modded Seimitsu and Hayabusa, so that’s why I chose those sticks. Hayabusa is a step above though, not just because of me liking the way it feels, but also because it has superior manufacturing over all the other sticks I’ve tried. Even if I hated how it felt, I would still give it points and credit to being manufactured to a higher standard over the current crop.

@eltrouble It doesn’t matter if it’s new or not, it could have ended up a shiny ass turd and I’d have said I hated it. I like it because I like it. I think it deserves most of the hype, there are a lot of good things about it. Also, one of these days, I will have to find a Wico360 and try it out, somehow.


I’m not saying people are liking it because it’s new, I’m saying a lot of people are talking about it nowadays because it’s new, hence the quick recommendations.


Haha, I getcha. Sorry. It definitely deserves a good majority of the hype though, the stick is beautiful, considering it’s just a stick. I wouldn’t recommend anyone try it just because it’s new though, I think people should look at the information reported on it and make an educated decision. But that’s a lot to ask of people now a days lol.


@moonchilde I am not saying there are not benefits over one or the other, I am saying min maxing sticks isn’t as big of a deal when becoming better. I know this isn’t a skill thread, but the OP seemed super interested in trying ALL sticks, and I was just letting him know finding that one stick to fit him perfectly isn’t going to make as big of a difference in his game as he might think.

LIke i said, don’t get me wrong, it’s totally fun, and may help slightly, and I do agree certain sticks are better for certain people, but its not going to make him a beast from changing springs.


My comment was more tongue in cheek than anything. The Hayabusa is a stellar lever but it won’t be for everybody. Everyone has their own preferences, of course. The bottom line on this subject is that buying every joystick shouldn’t be necessary. By researching SRK alone you should be able to narrow it down to just a few joysticks that could possibly give you what you’re looking for.


I have to give it to the guy though. Trying EVERY stick would be super fun! But in the end he will have a pile of stuff he never uses, haha. For me, it’s more about the journey though. And don’t get me wrong. I like the Hayabusa, I got one from Smoke off his FE and it was good. Just didn’t make a huge difference to me. To each there own though, and that’s the beauty of SRK. Every one has different opinions and people like OP can see us talk about it and make his own decision.

<3 Tech Talk


The best way to try out multiple joysticks is asking at your local scene (after proving yourself of course, or providing collateral)

Buttons are a low investment, so go crazy with those, but joysticks aren’t cheap and in many cases they’re not drop-n-swap mods to install them.