I want to use my OG MAS STICK case


I have a old school mas stick case that pretty much doesnt work anymore…i was wondering what parts should i look into buying so it can hit the mas case? I know they were using happ parts however i would like to use:

  1. Optical stick
  2. sanwa buttons
  3. a board that supports ps3/360/ and possible ps4 and x1

Any help would be dope!

  1. You won’t be able to use Sanwas in a MAS case that used Happ buttons.
    Happ buttons fit in 28mm holes, Sanwas fit in 30mm holes. You’ll have to widen everything.

  2. Doesn’t exist. PS360+ supports PS3 and X360, and there’s no all-in-one solution for PS4 or XBO at the moment. You’ll need to padhack and the like.


ah oh ok


I thought these Happ sticks had thicker boards, so using snap ins would not fit. Why not use a Happ or similar button? You have an American style case, recreate that feeling of playing in a pizza parlor!


It doesn’t matter how thick the panel is. Snap-ins will hold if the hole is big enough for them to fit. The issue here is that the button holes aren’t wide enough. That said, I would still go with some American style buttons with maybe a JLW. Like @Riderkicker said, them pizza parlor feels.


US buttons aren’t 28 mm, they are 1 1/8". Easiest thing would be to over drill the wood panel and Dremel the top lexan to the perfect size.


1 1/8" = 1.125" = 27.5625mm
Close enough. :slight_smile:


He can widen the holes and then use any number of screw in Japanese buttons.


You’re better off selling or trading the Mas here to someone who wants it than to butcher it up


Or better yet sell the Mas stick to someone who wants to have a stick with “American” style parts


Crown CWB203C buttons will fit in the hole I think, but I’m not sure if the barrel of the buttons are long enough to be screwed in.