I was a Vega non-believer

I was trounced today by a Vega player on Xbox Live. Playing on there, fighting Ryu is an actual novelty amidst an ocean of nothing buy Akuma and Gouken. Fighting a non shoto on there was unthinkable for me, an Abel player. Then he picked Vega.

I have heard a lot of Vega hatin’ in my day and I admit to have bought into it. But this man made a believer out of me. I tip my hat to you Vega players and wish to say “Good Show” on picking a character I have never actually seen someone play, and kicking ass. I would like all the Vega players on this board to give themselves a hand, and know that my eyes have been opened to the power of matador-ninjitsu.

Hats off to the claw players:wgrin:

Nice to see another player actually appreciating Vega, instead of hate-mailing him :wink:

btw, whats your gamertag?

I have mad respect for Vega after I heard about what Makoto did. :rofl:

god… thanks for this indulgent litany of self contratulatory vomit.

So you got beat by a vega player… who the fuck are you? Just another scrub like the rest of us.

While you coming to the Vega sub-forum with tidings of what seems like good news it in reality is just utter childish bullshit. You want something out of your loss and feel the need to let us Vega players know, like little children, that we are worth something because YOU, special amazing king YOU, hasn’t seen a vega player. well in the words of christian bale…
ohhhhh, good for you!

I say go fuck yourself. No one here needs a self depreciating pat on the back.

Well that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

Who was it you were playing? Abel beasts Vega big time… I could show you some pointers if you want.

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Yeah man calm down bro, everything’s fine :'D

I like how just gay by itself didn’t cover it. You really had to reach down and find something stronger.

The solution? Extremely gay.

Made me lol tbh.

I didn’t have the energy to really put my poetic talent to use and come up with something more colorful, so I figured “gay” combined with an adjective would get my point across. This is SRK after all.

In retrospect, perhaps “Uniquely retarded” would have worked, or maybe mindblowingly ga- actually, never mind

Someone needs to go take a nap and get their bottle. I was really surprised and felt the need to say so. Besides that, lock the topic if you wish, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who plays people other than shotos. Vega was the first non akuma/gouken/ryu/ken/sagat fight I had had in a long time and I was pleased to be beaten by someone else.

I have seen little but talk of Vegas weaknesses and how he sucks and I was amazed when I was flattened so easily. Pleasantly surprised to be reminded that tiers are for queers.:cybot:…so to speak.

Wow, really? raging @ people on the internetz? Don’t be a ***

Cool story bro. I bet it’s awesome to hang out with you. Come over to my place for some brews and good times!

stupid internet high road bullshit

Sorry guys, but I grew up with “gay” being synonymous but slightly stronger than “lame” and believe it or not, my homosexual friend (and his friends) use gay in the same context. Who woulda thunk it?

Like I said, I can show you how to play Abel against Vega if you want. He is overall crappy (relatively, he’s still the best bottom tier character ever) but has some unique strengths compared to the rest of the SF cast. But this match is definitely advantage: Abel and I can show you why.

And here we have a butthurt 09er trying too hard to fit in. Get over yourself.

Nice to know you have a newfound respect for an awesome, highly underrated character in SFIV.:cool:


Can you aware me on what Makoto did? Id like to know.

Being rare is Vega’s only advantage. Figure out his gimmicks and you’ll figure out most of his game. Or better, actually play him and you’ll see why ‘tiers arent for queers’.

He OCV’d Ojiisan-boy and Tokido.

Back to Street Fighters on the incredible world of DIK


simply how I felt about his comment.

I guess the rest of you can go feel warm and fuzzy inside about all the nice things he has to say.