I was a Vega non-believer

What was the Vega’s tag? There’s a quite a few good Vegas out there…
Ps: what’s your tag?

Sorry, I read the quote out of context. I thought a different post was being called gay, and i deleted the comment. I was trying to take the high road to kinda pick a fight with the inflammatory post, but was doing so with the wrong person.:wasted:
My bad. I have no problem with using the word gay.

My Xbox Live tag is Lord Graves III
cant check the vegas tag right now but will post it when I can.

I love how people are surprised when Vega gets ill on them like he’s some sort of SF4 retard. Any character in this game has the ability to give you trouble. The only thing with Vega is that you can’t make mistakes.

With Abel and most of the cast, you have a reliable Ultra that you can count on when you’re getting beatten bad. With Vega, you pretty much forget you have one until the moment when you CAN use it. Vega’s flaws may be huge, but it’s not impossible to win with him.

For example I was playing my friends Rufus with Vega. Everytime I’d block a galactic tornado I’d counter with c.mp xx EX Wall Dive. After I did this twice he started to EX Jesus Kick them. I then in desperation used Ultra right after the block galactic tornado and it countered the Jesus kick! I was like, oh… lol.

in short, Vega has a shitty Ultra that is cool… sometimes.

This is what the world needs, a G3nshir0 for the younger generation.
Someone who can jive with the up-and-comers, I LIIIIKE IT!

wow! dude chill out… who shit in your vegaflakes this morning?

duh…the OP did of course.

but wait dont say that out loud cuz he’ll neg rep you for it.

:sweat: oops…to late now. oh well :rofl:

FUCK! finally someone gets it. THANK YOU.

The act of being thanked/ him being “suprised” by vega is a insult garbed in a compliments clothing.

Basically whats being said is… Vega is such utter horrible worthless shit that since -somehow- this dude lost to him he feels suprised.

The mind set that accommodates this type of thinking is part of the problem. Vega is seen as a worthless piece of shit and while I’ll yell louder then most about his faults (he’s not very good at all) we, as the Vega community, should still have some sebalnce of self respect.

Vega may be low tier and suck and the rest of it but in the hands of a good player he can be dangerous. Becasue this is a suprise to some douche who doesn’t respect and then has to let us know on our own forum how he has learned this fact is a tragic set of circumstances.

Ignorance should not be praised.

i duno man i took it as he was giving us props for actually taking a low tierd character and getting good with him rather than taking the obviosly easy way out by maining ryu sagat or akuma…and i totally agree with him! at least 80% of the population playing this game is using a strong shoto…i would give equal props in the same regard to anyone maining sakura guile fuerte gen ect…graphf i think you took his post waaay wrong

I understand that Im being “mean”.

Gunner encapsulates it with this statement.

Originally Posted by Gunner Thor :
“I love how people are surprised when Vega gets ill on them like he’s some sort of SF4 retard.”

Just the way I feel is all.

fair enuf and i agree 100%…i just dont think that is the way the OP intended it to imply…tho i could b wrong

I guess he had good intentions but what Graphf means its true…

People Doesn’t respect vega, they treat him like something worst than shit, so when somebody loses to him and the guy is surprised and wants to “congratulate us” for sticking to Vega, that sounds really bad, but i can understand that he didn’t want to insult us.

We should have some more self respect… Its great to get some compliments, but those should be in the form of threats on how to win against vega, and more people getting in the Vega train…

Forget Obama, ***Vastago ***For President!

People treating Vega like a ‘SF retard’ can only work in the Vega players favour…long may ignorance of his abilities continue!
People harping on about wanting recognition of Vega’s greatness are missing the point. He’s a Spanish Ninja for Chrissake, his methods are covert. I’m more than happy for my opponent to underestimate me and think they’ll get an easy win…though I suspect they’ll get a little suspicious of my 30,000GP…

Graphf, I don’t know a lot about you, but my opinion of you has gone up after this thread.

To the OP, the reason top players can say that the matchup against Vega is in their favour is they have spent many hours playing the top Vega in their area and have worked out the strengths and weaknesses of their character against Vega, what combos work on him, what to punish and what to look out for. You played one match against a random Vega on Xbox Live, got beasted, and decided to tell us about it. All that has been discovered is either:

a) You don’t know the matchup
b) You suck
c) Both

I can’t imagine this thread would have gone over any better in the Rose or Guile forum.


and calling things gay without thinking about it is synonymous with being a numbskull.

read the news posts

If homosexual people use gay in the same way I use it, then its fair game. Not changing, sorry. The ad campaign says “gay” now also means “dumb and stupid” and that definition is clearly entrenched, so guess what?

Clearly if some guy goes on an idiotic rant trying to fit in and I dub it an “extremely gay post,” I am not implying that it is something I would expect from a homosexual, since they are just normal people after all and to assume something like that would be ridiculous. Instead, I am calling it “extremely dumb/lame/stupid.”

Argue about something less gay instead of this bleeding heart “let them have their label back!” bullshit. Context is, and always has been, everything.

A good quotable for this topic…

edit: never mind. For the record I agree with Graph. Why should everyone undersell us then make a topic saying “Good joooob… you guys really can play!”

Eloquent in its brevity.

I knew some people would understand. Comments like the OPs just get me riled up sometimes. I guess I just don’t like being looked down on and posts like his insinuate that being looked down on is a Vega players de facto status.

We might not rep big time at tourneys but some random dude patting us on the back is not what the Vega community needs.

We need more great posts like Sasakis about Vegas postivie aspects or (I can’t remember his name exactly) Pedviago(?) lengthly post trying to conduct “proper” uses of Vega in a myriad of situations.

I don’t see eye to eye 100% with Pedviago but The idea is that him and Sasaki (and Bebop, Tatsujin, ect…) are examples of great constuctive ideas/tips. Even the Vega sucks threads becasue we get the chance to talk about how to overcome something / vent, ect…

THE OP here just wanted to let us know exactly what chunder said in his post. And I go with option C - Both. And if - Both - is the answer which it probably is then how can we feel any gratitude to some random scrub saying nice things about Vega. His opinion is meaningless.

That being said Ii got beasted by a Gen player the other night. First Gen I’d seen in quite awhile and lost due to his skill and my lack of preparation for the match itself.

Needless to say I sent HIM a GG over PSN but I did not go to the Gen forum looking to relive my loss and gather pusedo respect from the sub-community over there. He knows hes good, they all know that they like Gen and the probably have reasons for playing him regardless of his faults just as we play Vega regardless of his. The Gen players are not little children and Im not some amazing gaming god who can bless them with my condolences of my loss becasue they chose someone who is low tier.

^ exactly…

now what the hell is the point of people going around calling other peoples posts gay and stupid when everybody has their own opinion? keep that childish shit out of the forum and we can actually discuss without just flaming and worthless posts