I was diagnosed with autism


So i was at the DR’s earlier to day and i was found that i’m autisitc.

This means you guys have to be nice to me from now on. People with autism are extra sensitive, and i’m extra sensitive in more than one place than my brain (hint: it’s my penis). So if you use yucky words like “damn” and “hell” i’m going to be mad.



I’ll make you a deal…

You stop attention whoring with bad Beguiled-lite threads and I won’t be nice to you anyway.


Is “faggot” okay?


Nigga your old handle was haveatchu and you never played SOTN, sit your simple jack full retard ass down.


see this is what happened to scoiety everybody is being mean to me


You want a hug? I’ll give you a hug.

Autism isn’t contagious, is it?


It’s only contagious if I fuck you in the ass.

Better fuck me in the ass just to be safe.


I dont buy it; Autism is usually diagnosed by age 3.
You seem to be suffering from Mania.
Get some lithium or valproic acid NIGGA and …



really bro, really, how long is this shit going to last my Canadian friend.


Uhg mother fucker your so tired.


OP doesn’t have autism and the joke isn’t funny to anyone who dealt with it.

OP appears to suffer from being an annoying dumbass and based on the severity in this case there might not be a cure.

You came out of the closet a long time ago, it’s no longer funny.


Dat Monty on the Run


When you guys stop feeding the troll is when it’ll end. Just don’t pay attention anymore.


Is taking a shit on somebody illegal? Because I would like to press charges against this clown’s parents.