I was humbled yesterday


I have PS3 and 360 and have both IVAE and 3rd Strike for both systems. Normally I play AE on PS3 since I’m not a member of 360’s elite club (if that makes sense, I’m pretty sure it does). ANYway, I figured 3rd Strike would be the same so I started competing there. I’m not saying I won a whole lot of matches but I was feeling pride. I tried 360 last night…welcome to the major leagues, eh?


Yeah that’s right on the 360 side we robbing dudes for their fruit snacks and juice boxes son.


Haha, LOL for reals


we wrinklin your school clothes my dude


Tonite, it was foos at Super Arcade takin my fight money. I had a blast. Survived my first fighting game tournament. I was 0-2 at VF but I’m still happy. I fought hard but the other guy was simply stronger. Yeah, I fought the same guy twice, mirror match both times lol


I miss playing on 360… Ever since I switched to PS3 it has just been… BAD…


360 is way better. The competition is better and the connection is better but its still ass. :\


It kind of sucks that PSN is apparently worse in terms of competition…but at the same time I don’t feel like that is reason enough for me to spend a large amount of cash on a (jap, because I wanna play japanese shmups aswell) xbox360 + 3s/AE + good arcade stick.



360 definitely better than PS3 for 3s competition and online play quality

if you really want your pride wounded try stepping into the GGPO 3s Karnov room


I had a weak back. About a week back!