I was reading a couple old issues of Invincible, and wondered

Is it a coincidence that Dean Winslow looks like Reginald Vel Johnson (Family Matters’ Carl Winslow)?

I think Kirkman just likes Family Matters or something. The high school is named after Vel Johnson, I think. And isn’t one of the TRADES, BABY titled Family Matters? In addition, whenever I read Invincible’s dialogue, I hear Jaleel White’s voice in my head.

Holy crap…my first issue is when Mark first starts getting his ass kicked by his dad. I think he’d started college by then. I needs to git me sum back issues…

lol spoiler warning mofo…i know its old but thats a fucking big spoiler for the comic.

Indeed that is.
Invincible is a GREAT super hero comic and is pretty entertaining despite a majority of the characters being copies of DC characters.