I was thinking

We talked about and I don’ think we ever followed through about having a 2v2 tourney of 3s.

It would be awsome



In for 2v2 marvel.

I’m in for Marvel, too.

virsaga + tajiri=team dempsey roll.


Because LTB and I would own everyone duh

The real answer is because nobody likes the game enough. I don’t even like the game enough to try to recruit that many people.

I don’t even like 3S enough to use it as a coaster.

Lol still think it should be done.

Mechania if i ask samY were to partner up I bet we’d win

What’s with Seattle trying to bring down Portland tournaments?

Privacy is my middle name.
My last name is Control!
No my first name ain’t baby! It’s JANET!

why the 3s hate?

if people could teach me how to play other games, i would.



What do you mean? Nobody likes Third Strike it has nothing to do with Portland…?

lol. Agreed. I’m all for Portland tourneys, but yeah 3S is a game we love to hate.

i will join with… myself as my partner i’ll play Makoto/Oro

oh shit.

there’s a suprise.

mackinzie playing with himself.




id be your partner <3

I sense a money match 2/3 to the DEATH! 15$ 3s

Nigga do you not remember Random Select? I’ll MM you any day - I beat you with a malfunctioning stick! :woot:

i’ll play against you, eli.

edit: i’ll even get a shirt made that says “atm”