I was wondering... whats the difference between the guacomole lk,mk and hk?



Hi this is my first time posting and was wondering what is the difference for use on them? Maybe like an example would help as well.

Edit: whenever I do the tostada press, I always seem to get hit by an EX shoryuken. Do I need to time it perfectly for it to land?

Thanks in advance


They catch on a different angle.
LK version is good for grabbing tatsu or honda’s wake-up buttsplash. Not even the EX version can catch a standing tatsu. It’s also good for hopping over fireballs while building meter and over FA’s while being able to punish when you land.
I almost never use the MK/HK version, but use the EX one instead.

EX shoryuken beats everything except EX guacamole. Akuma’s EX shoryuken beats EX guacamole unless you guacamole very late.


thanks that will definitely help me against tatsu spamming shotos because I had trouble with those earlier >_<

anyone know the answer to the 2nd question? hehe


You should check out the sticky topics.

c.HP is the best answer to tatsu. You’ll have time to do another mixup afterwards. You can also do c.MP and cancel into a run.


lk guac will grab backdashes, not sure how useful that is though

ex guac beats pretty much every anti air move i’ve seen except bisons ex head stomp on occasionally i lose to seths ex shoryu.


air throw is better against backdashes


The guacs all come out slower, but do more damage, as you progress across the buttons. LK comes out fastest but does least damage, HK is slowest but does most. EX comes out at the same speed as HK but has total invincibility and does the most damage.


It’s not just lk guac that can beat backdashes. Depending on the char, you can grab with all the different guacs. Zangief is one example.


i use cr. MP mostly cuz cr.FP i find comes out to slow, i miss alot of travelling shotos trying to cr.FP their tatsus.