I was wondering who owns the trademark to the melty blood series


i’m wanting to start a petition to get a melty blood hd remake for new gen consoles and pc as well and i was wondering who own the trademark at the moment…


French Bread said it’s being considered but Type Moon need make their own games first, or something.


I was wondering if French Bread was waiting for Type Moon to finish the Tsukihime remake so that character redesigns match.


According to this, ECOLE Software currently owns the trademark to Melty Blood, although it may have expired?.


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Type-Moon is literally the only reason we haven’t gotten any sort of Melty for next gen, because Tsukihime is entirely their property. The only characters French Bread has the rights to, I’d imagine, are Sion, Riesbyfe, and Warachia, because they are exclusive to Melty. The rest of the cast are from Tsukihime, which belongs to Type-Moon and who has the rights to it.

If you want next gen Melty, go and tell Type-Moon to stop milking the fuck out of Fate and to actually do something with Tsukihime.


Dont start a petition, All of the characters are owned by Type-Moon I believe, when UNIEL is finally ported to PC then I think French Bread will get back to the legal issues going on with Melty Blood, but for now the pc version works perfectly fine


You mean like this?


What the whole fun of playing on PC if my friends play on ps3/ps4???


Tell them to play on PC then.


That Arcueid redesign will never stop being disappointing.
Keep the long skirt for fucks sake.