I will buy a joystick for sure and maybe a game controller and need your suggestions

Hi, which game controller and joystick do you recommend. I don’t want to pay a lot for those. I thought about buying the 60$ Hori Fighting Stick EX2. Is it good? My Eb games has the Ken Madcatz controller for 50$ and I thought I would buy it before I get my joystick. My Ebgames can order some Madcatz joystick only no Hori. Is there any Madcatz joystick that is similir in price and quality of the Hori one? Thanks in advance!

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madcatz se= ehh…
Hori Ex - Go for it!

Just be careful with the EX2… I gave mine a static shock from my thumb into the headset jack in the bottom, and it fried the PCB.



Madcatz SE has defective stock buttons work and possibly in addition to the already addressed loose washer issue. If you buy the $70-80 stick, you’ll possibly have to pay another $20 for new buttons.