I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL - The First Doomsday Thread

Remember. There is only one tier that matters in this game.

The DD Tier

DD tier? I didn’t know Powergirl was in this game?

Anyone, I’m really liking Doomsday, dude has shitty mid-screen meterless combo’s but if he wants in, he’s getting in.

Yeah if Doomsday wants to be near you, he will be near you. I love seeing scrubby people try to flee to the other end of the screen to regroup or throw fireballs, only to eat MB Supernova. And his dash is so fast and covers so much fucking distance.

His body splash has retarded amounts of active frames and beats out virtually EVERYTHING in the air, with a few exceptions. You can literally throw it out the moment you leave the ground, and just own everything until you touch the ground, then start a combo.

His MB Venom is +10 on block, meaning you can do whatever you want for free after. Start a mixup, sweep, supernova, neutral body splash, have fun.

And his 112 combo, the medium hit does 7% damage whether it’s blocked or goes through. You can basically add 10% damage to a blocked MB venom if you want, in CHIP DAMAGE.

And he is braindead easy, combo wise. To be honest, he really doesn’t have that much to do to extend combos. You can MB ground pound if you want, but I find that it’s better to save your meter for Venom or Supernova. Without meter, you’re probably not getting anything more than 3 or 4 hits mid screen, but you’re still looking at a good 1/4 of your opponents health gone every time you land a combo.

Definitely my favourite character in the game right now. Just wish he had more armor.

I love his many options of anti-air, when so many other characters struggle to stuff jump-ins, DD can knock people out of the air for free. He has like 4 different options, d2, db3, db2 and df1. He punishes people with bad fundamentals and people that push too many buttons.

I struggle to pull off 30% plus without meter mid-screen, but ending his combo’s with venom charge knocks people back to the corner, where he excels. DD has great corner pressure and combo’s and getting out of the corner is tough, trying to jump over gets you AA’ed, armor or push blocking is good but costs a bar.

lol he also has jump d+3 which only loses to a few select things (mostly AA specials an top tier jumps like Nightwings j3, which I think we can stuff depending on the situation). Oh, and you left out df1, his AA grab lol. I need to check if this can stuff Black Adam dive kicks :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think he can do more than 25% mid screen. What is his BnB midscreen anyways? I pretty much just combo into random special lol. Usually push em into the corner.

What are you using as corner pressure? I pretty much just keep using ambiguous crossup body splashes MB venom charge into random combo. Occasional sweeps so I can set them up with f2,3 overhead combo.

Mid-screen, Jip d3 1,1,3 df3 is 27% for no meter, without the Jump in it’s just 19%. Jump D3 is nasty.

His corner combo’s are really good, Jump in d3, 1,1,3 3,3 is a braindead easy 33% but his biggest corner meterless combo is Jip d3, 1,2,3 1,2,3, d1, DB 2 - 39%

When DD has you in the corner with trait, it’s almost impossible to escape without push blocking. Jumping over him is extremely risky due to his great AA tools, and you can’t knock him down.

I find myself throwing with DD more than other characters, it seems his throw range has decent reach and works great after ticking with d1.

so the BnB’s I’ve been using lately are JI d3, 1,1 (or 2,2 if you’re not fighting a character with fast normals) ex Earth Shake, 2,2, Supernova. Requires one meter and does a lot of damage. If you have 2 meter, you can use ex Air Grab instead of Supernova and it does 39% damage.

you can combo his super off of d1, which is one of the fastest d1 pokes in the game.

with no meter I just do like you said and JI d3, 1,2,3, and i usually finish with venom to push them towards corner (and I can turn on trait while they are knocked down).

learn to use Earth Shake in combos more, at close range it hits twice, and hits overhead THEN low, making it a nightmare to block properly.

Right now, my mid-screen combo is Jump D+3, 1,2,3,Venom. It does 27% mid-screen, if I remember correctly.

I have issues getting MB ES during combo’s to come out, the MB doesn’t always kick in. I usually use ES during combo’s to keep the opponent closer for better wake up if I’m facing a zoner.

I tend do 2 3 d+1 as my BnB during mid screen instead. Granted the start up is probably turtlish compared to 1 1 3, the last hit is an over head, bounces the enemy character pretty far away, and it’s special cancellable so it can be easily followed with a Venom to shove them easily into the corner.

Actually I should try using his f+1 3 combo more. Still special cancellable, opening is an overhead, and knocks characters into corner.

his f+2, 3 combo is nice too, starting with an overhead. Or is it b+2 lol i get those two mixed up lol.

when doing his MB ES, you wanna hit the MB when his fist is at the top about to come down, timing throws me off sometimes too, u get it eventually. I do 112 alot instead of 11 ES too :frowning:

http://youtu.be/oBHFKjjEC40 this is my bnb with doomsday. anyone have anything better? videos plz

^not bad, the combo i use is this youtube.com/watch?v=mP1j3Vxec8U&list=PLfL2WfK6dmD00cknAIuu30uldxhgjwrbf except i use anti air grab instead of venom for a solid 38%. Very simple execution wise.

what do you guys think about killer frost. any decent killer frost destroys me. any tips?

Neutral jump the slide and land on her head with your body splash. Her slide is -4, so if you block it, you can go for a throw, or d1 into ES.

too lazy to go to the lab. After the Earth Shaker MB, what is the move he uses to juggle into wall bounce? Is that just d2?

yep, It’s ES MB, d2, b3… into whatever

Use your trait a LOT. I play a local Killer Frost a bit, and we are pretty even. If you get in her face with your trait on, she is screwed.

as frostycyke said, it’s body splash, 3, ESmb, d2, b3, j3, anti air grab.