I Will Do 3 Requests (i Like Doing Prems)

NO more than 3.

no teams
no animations
supply pics unless they’re easy to find (eg. if you say, “any picture of ryu” i don’t need a pic… if you say, that “falcoon picture of makoto” i don’t need a pic… if you say, “that crazy picture of doom eating hotcakes”, i’m going to need the pic… )

premiums are preferred… i’d do premiums over the rest.

Hey, I Would Really Appreciate It If Somebody Can Make Me The Exact Same Avator I Had But With A Blue Or Any Other Color Of Magneto Instead.

As A Bonus I Would Also Appreciate It If Somebody Can Make A Dublicate Of Mine Again(doesn’t Matter Which Color Magneto Is) But Instead Of “snapout” Being Shown It Says Aftermath…for The Curiousity Its For A Player Who Finally Decided To Join Srk.

m1x4h - maybe you should make the rules in BOLD.

Is it just me or does that guy request the same av EVERYTIME? Anyways…

Could I possibly get an av with this image of Magipink grabbing her boobs? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0803/Razor/houkachecks9oa.png


I need a white and red costume Ky from Slash(SP+X). Silent Shinobi somewhere in the av. I’m deciding between the normal stance or his “disgrace” stance after you beat Sol. Use anyone of these stances. I really don’t care. Much props if u do thanks in advance.

Special: Put a big full moon on the right side. This is optional. Thanks again.
Pic 1
Pic 2Pic 3

Pick anyone of them. Thanks again.

arcadefire and silent shinobi, yeap :slight_smile:

snapout. no habla ingles? fuck you and have a nice day.

Sidenote: give me til Monday to have your shit up. I don’t get back to my school with my FTP until then. right now, i’m on dial up, and it’s gay.

ok can you make me an avatar with thi spicture of vida guerra

and Q doing his taunt over and over in that background? and please put my name some where in there

one more for team fuckachunkz.

and lol @ the CAPS filter.

sweetypie: NO ANIMATIONS… i told snapout to go fuck himself… geez

woops sorry then

hey mixah, can u make me one with this pic of wolv?
and can u put in the name “kosmos” in some baller font?
for the background, its up to u, i would prefer dark colors, black blue etc.
im not being very specific so u can have the freedom to do what u want with it.
thanks :smiley:


the three spots are taken up

i’ll have them uploaded on monday. i’ll get to making them tonight
silentshinobi… yours is done, HOWEVER, since i didn’t unlock sp ky, i can’t see what the color looks like

OK, managed to get them shits up early… SilentShinobi, I don’tk now if the color’s correct. a screnshot would be helpful, but i winged it.

Maddk, i made 3 of them for u…









nniiiccee, thanks man, appreciate it :smiley:

Shit’s good u got skillz. Thanks again.

I love mine! Thanks much!

EDIT: Crap I can’t sport it because the filesize is too large for SRK!



Hey, You’ve already done 3 but I dunno if yur willing to do anymore?

If so I’d love an AV with LK Colour Ryu setting up a Shinkuu Hadou Ken on either Sodom mid taunt or R Mika in any sexy kind of pose. I’d like “MikeOWNED” somewhere on it too.

Thanks if you can. q=^)