I will have some InPin converters for sale at Evo

I’m here in Vegas right now, and I brought some InPin converters with me just in case people needed them. I’m asking my usual price of $23 per converter, and just try to find me if you’re in need.

can these convert xbox controllers to work on the ps3?


I love the inpin. Hell I have 2 already and might pick another up. They indefinitely a reliable PS2 to PS3 converter.

Yeah, I know I sound like some saleman, but it really is great. Gonna be playing during Evo on my HRAP2SA!

how many converters do you have? anyway, i desperately need a PS2 to PS3 converter, so please reserve 2 converters for me. ill pm you.

you didn’t happen to bring a couple psx>jamma converters did you?

i shoulda pm’ed you sooner.

best ps2 -> ps3 converter out there. maybe i’ll pick another one up if i see ya

how can we find you sir? what will you be wearing (no homo)

Pls put me down for one, sir. I have a sumoto that has never been tested. Pls see my pm.

Put me down for one, unless its first find Laugh first serve

Why didn’t you ask this when Mr.Sagat was getting them from laugh?

laugh, PM.


I may need one man! Please let us know how we can find you! Maybe you can PM those interested your cell or something so we can call you at a particular time…

Yo laugh how can we find u. I have a couple of friends who are there who will pick up 2 for me. Plz let me know where to find u.

Hey Laugh,

I’ll desperately need one (i.e., I won’t be able to play in the tourney without one). Can I get just 1? Also, how will I find you? I also PM’ed you in case.


Hey Laugh. Just got mine in the mail from you today. You da best :tup:

InPin converters are awesome. Almost as awesome as Laugh.

Laugh where are u?