I will pay someone to make my custom joystick...PLEASE

Alright, listen…I’ve been into street fighter really hard lately…and I’m tired of playing on my ps3 controller and barely pulling off moves all the time. I’m tired of getting beaten by someone who brought there own joystick to a tournament when I’m sitting there with the flimsy console controller in my hand knowing that when I lost, that I was better than that person. But he had that damn joystick and he could pull his moves off alot cleaner than me. I’m willing to find someone that will build my controller for me. I’m will make a promise to pay them the exact price for the amount of money they put into making it, labor, and shipping and handling. I got the perfect idea for my custom joystick…so if anyone wants help me…either hit me up and I’ll give you my cell # so we can talk about it just to let you know how serious I am.

Also my e-mail is-
dalasthnic@aol.com (you would be better off hitting me up there than here)

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I will do it for you.

I would like to apologize to shoryuken.com for posting threads about paying people to make joysticks. I didn’t realize it until today (thanks to kikimaru).

$300 bucks and you got a deal ha

Damn bro I really really appreciate you help. I had no idea that people actually read other peoples thread and cared like that. So the guy that your trying to put me on to make my joystick, let me ask you something about him. Does he even do custom artwork on the front of it to. Let me tell you how I would like it. And let me know what I’m missing and what is not possible.

  1. I want the case to be clear or green with an 8 button setup made for the PS3.

  2. I want it with green LED buttons and joysticks.

  3. I want the cover to be fully customized with a custom drawing. I want it to be guile but I want him to be a black guy with black hair like a black person. And instead of him having the American flag on his arm I want him to have H.N.I.C. tattooed on his arm, with whoever did the artwork signature on it.

PSN id- OC_HNIC_919

I need to see some pictures of some joystick designs before I pay anyone.

Thirteen you don’t sound legit