I will paypal 10$ to whoever can help me with this (please)

My photoshop skills suck

I basicaly just want to have all three characters (full size) in one picture as close to one another as possible with ken on right akuma in the middle and ryu on the left

Just email me the picture preferably in gif and/or jpeg format to payback777@mail.com with your paypal account info and i will send you 10$

Thanks in advance

There’s no picture of Ryu.

One Ken and two Akuma’s.

here’s the picture

i will send 15$ if you include instructions on how you did it in the email :slight_smile:

man, are you serious?.. I would do that for free. You need to save yourself some money. Putting those 3 pictures together is damn easy.

Just use photoshop and put them together. It’s as simple as that. If you want to take out the background use the Paint bucket and set the setting to clear and take away the BG. and then just move them all together.

would you be able to do that for me? i would greatly apreaciate it
how do you put them togethet i’ve spent hours trying to put them together with photoshop but in vain

How’s this?


u could make that look a LOT nicer… move ken and ryu a bit further apart so their feet don’t clash, and enlarge akuma a TINY bit and put him down more…
will look TOP TIER, no lie.

looks great sunoCo thanks for helping me out I realy appreciate it

Better version just in case you still need it. Downsized ryu and ken instead so Akuma won’t lose reso.

Keep the change.


shit is SERIOUS



Thanks so much SFMC